Joker Face

Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself. Sometimes you have to acknowledge how hypocritical and imperfect you are. I am sometimes things that I hate and at other times I love parts of who I am. Humans are not perfect and the joy of laughing at yourself is a release like no other. Imagine that when you laugh at yourself that it is from the best point of view ever: the loving cutting tone of your closest family. Parody is the apotheosis of this. Parody says, I love you (insert type of work here) but damn are you stupid and … Continue reading Joker Face

In Depth: Freezed Peaches

I wanted to further simplify my general impression of this schism in the left community about strategy for fighting the hateful right. Therefore I will be doing a simplified versions of the arguments for and against the removal of Alex Jones from Youtube, Spotify, and Facebook. Arguments against 1. Private institutions have way too much power as it is and to condone this is to allow these entities to heavily censor the left in the future. 2. By censoring the right, it enables them to claim victimhood status and gives the corporations the green light to censor anybody the powerful … Continue reading In Depth: Freezed Peaches

Private Totalitarianism

Before this post I discussed my thoughts on the free speech argument. Most of the arguments about Alex Jones being banned from YouTube were on grounds of the power that private corporations have in disseminating information via social media. This is, of course very true, that the power that these electronic social media platforms have, is worrisome and tilts the entire playing field against the left. Capitalism will always defend itself and will never allow opposing frameworks to exist. I do believe that these platforms should be nationalized and that the fairness doctrine should be reinstated. The imperative for profit … Continue reading Private Totalitarianism

Freeze Peaches and Gay Frogs

Hey everyone I decided to blog today to get out on paper a lot of stuff that is clattering around in my head like marbles. This week has felt exhausting but that isn’t really all that different from any other week this year. It seems that the world is going insane and the only way I can manage to control how frustrated that makes me is to write and blog and talk. First of all, I would like to speak about the recent removal of Alex Jones from various media platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and finally YouTube. This has … Continue reading Freeze Peaches and Gay Frogs

Personal Journey

Personal Journey This time I would like to spend time connecting with the reader in a real way. I would first like to speak a little bit about myself. I am a very sensitive dude and am also a straight white male. In many ways I am very privelaged and have had advantages that others don’t have, many of which I will never be conscious of at the time. I am also socially awkward and anxious. I have been both bullied and bully. I have been hurt and hurt others. I have loved and hated. In short, I am a … Continue reading Personal Journey

Murica the Bootiful

Murica the bootiful Man does this country piss me off sometimes!! To be frank this post has been a long time coming as I have needed to let off some steam for quite a while. A great deal has happened since the last time I wrote and I feel like it is super important to talk about it in written form. Regardless if anyone reads this, I feel it is important so that I do not go completely insane as the world gets crazier every day. Herr Orange has continued to antagonize establishment journalists for the wrong reasons, like being … Continue reading Murica the Bootiful


As a person who has struggled with mental health issues and as a a straight man who doesn’t identify with the societal expectations of masculinity, I have been very conflicted lately. I personally value science, enlightenment era values, free speech, and equality. But it seems to me that too many people believe that equality is not rational. Getting along with other people and or any form of collective identity or action is irrational. Emotions and morality are not rational. But what does that even mean? I am not a perfect person and nobody is as far as I am concerned. … Continue reading Rationalism