Election 2016

Hello, this is my first post as a nonprofessional blogger. I am mostly doing this, in order to vent my frustrations and to talk about my thoughts regarding politics today. Recently, the Podesta Emails have been rocking the United States political domain. I wish it was, but in truth it is mostly being ignored because…Trump. I do hate Trump but this election has opened my eyes in ways I could have never imagined. I have learned that progressives are not welcome in America and that the Democratic Party is not willing to be liberal on anything other than social issues that can be used by their corporate overlords. I had already had contempt for the right wing news coalition but I had no idea of how horrible some other news outlets are. Indeed my progressive news outlets that I have mostly used as my news source have been mixed bags as well. Indeed, the Clinton Campaign engaged in bullying tactics in order to make it this far and this is something I had only attributed to the right wing before this. I will try to go over some emails in later blogs but in the meantime as a former Berner, I will explain my reasoning for why I did not vote for Hillary.


  1. She has proven to be dishonest
  2. She wants to go to war in more places and insists on provoking Russia
  3. She has the media wrapped around her finger and has no real liberal policy agendas
  4. She will not address climate change
  5. She wants to cut Social Security under the guise of Simpson-Bowles in order to raise tax rates on the wealthy
  6. She will not work for her own base

There will be more but I see this as an analogy to the Godfather.

Don Corleone wanted his youngest son Michael to inherit the family business. He saw Michael as more calm, collected and capable. The elder brother Sonny, was set to inherit the business but was more impulsive and hot-headed. He was too easily manipulated by the other crime lords and because of this Sonny was killed. Michael was a more effective leader because he was more calm and able to make better decisions. He was a more effective evil. I see Hillary as more effective in that way. I hate Trump and i think he could be dangerous but i fear Hillary too.


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