Requiem for a Liberal Dream


Requiem for a Liberal Dream


Today I took the political compass test to see where my politics was graphed on the two axis political compass. In case some of you may not know, on you can fill out a 6 page survey in order to graph yourself on the political compass. The y axis is for social issues and the x axis is economic issues. I found myself solidly in the social libertarian category or probably more like a social democrat. I was very left but I agreed heavily with the libertarian party on social issues. This didn’t surprise me all that much, but it was also gratifying to see Hillary Clinton in the authoritarian right category and Donald Trump almost the furthest you could get on the authoritarian part. The only remaining 2016 candidate that was solidly in the same ballpark as myself was the Green Party’s Jill Stein. Now I know that this site claims to be non-partisan but I will have to look into it later to make sure. However, if there is anything I have learned from this election, it is that the rightward shift of this country is continuing. The Republican Party are partially to blame but the Democratic Party, following the New Democrat view on governance, has poisoned the former party of FDR. The Red Scare, the rise of authoritarianism and the loss the of the South made the Democrats essentially, an apologist for a moderate Republican Party with liberal views on social issues. You cannot even call the current Democrats Libertarian because the key aspect of the Libertarian Party is very small government. The Democrats embrace large government for the 99% and to enforce the laws on all but the very rich. The Podesta emails have shown the millennial generation that the old Political guard is not to be trusted. Lest you think I jest, in one of the emails, a Clinton campaign staffer identifies that the millennial generation has a refined BS radar. They are informed and are not easily duped. While the MSM continues to run constant stories on how horrible of a person Trump is, those who consider themselves liberals are supposed to meekly fall in line and vote for Hillary, because we have nowhere else to go. It is very sad that we do not have any good realistic options. But the fact of the matter is that Trump is Hillary’s greatest asset in this election and Hillary is Trump’s greatest asset. These two unpopular figures would be easily defeated if not for the many weaknesses in their rival. Hillary’s collusion with the MSM and her cozy relationship with many powerful people has essentially made this election a farce. If Hillary is elected, the shift rightward will continue and will likely be accelerated due to her ability to “make deals”. The legislation that will come through Congress will almost certainly not be anything that a Liberal voter would want. While there is hope that the new millennials will have a chance to make positive changes due to the fact that they are politically active and aware, the Democrats will ensure that there is a firewall between the powerful and the people who will inevitably suffer. I don’t like many too strong of an analogy as it gets too many arguments started. The saddest thing for me, is recognizing that my parents and I are not agreeing on the right approach to this election, despite having the same values. I am seen as crazy even though I have attempted to make myself more knowledgeable. I see HRC as the new Democrat’s George W. Bush. Inevitably there will be a scandal that will make her favorability rating tank to a level from where it cannot recover. It make take longer and it will inevitably happen when she is  back in the White House, but it will happen. Wikileaks has been hammering and hammering and things will eventually reach a crescendo. I hope that I am wrong, but I fear that HRC will destroy what is left of the left.


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