Race to the bottom

Trump has officially become the President-elect after the Electoral College affirmed the results of the November 8th election. More electors revolted from Hilary Clinton than Donald Trump. And yet it is still not the Democrat’s fault. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party refuses to acknowledge the failure of the neoliberal establishment. Despite the Bernie wing screaming the solutions at them for months it still doesn’t make a difference. So we march on into a completely Republican controlled government in January. When I have said that Hilary Clinton was basically a pro-choice Republican it often would result in being yelled at. Same with when I compared the issue of temperment and judgement to the Godfather scenario I was yelled at for comparing Hilary Clinton to Michael Corleone. It brings me no pleasure to argue with people I once called allies. It especially hurts to feel so isolated from your own family, who you know are good people with the same values. But the truth more often than not is unpleasant. This election was lost the moment the Democrats left behind the white working class. In general, this also includes the minority working class. The moment they embraced the financial sector they became moderate Republicans. When they turned their backs on labor they lost the high ground. The difference now is that the Right wing doesn’t attempt to hide their evil and crazy ideas and the left pretends to be the adult in the room and compromise needlessly on batshit crazy ideas. The conservative mindset is going to destroy this country. Because capitalism cannot sustain itself without some regulation. The quest for profit without checks and balances means that eventually there will be nobody to buy the products the billionaires sell. Violence becomes inevitable when nobody is making enough money to live a decent life. Freedom isn’t possible when nobody has enough resources to survive. Facism is what happens when capitalism tries to save itself. I hope that the progressive wing can save us but first we need to defeat the corporate dems. I have created a group called the Phoenix Party. We will rise out the ashes of the establishment. Hope is still inside Pandora’s box. We will rise from the ashes. Fight on my friends

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