The importance of communication

One of the bigger disappointments of 2016 was the divide that was created between generations and former allies in the left. But the biggest issue was the idea that perhaps there is no real fight coming from those in the new Democratic party. I will begin by admitting that one of the bigger talking points: that Obama had a filibuster proof Congress and didn’t use it to pass health care, is false. The problem is that when they did have the 60 votes, it was almost always a blue dog Democrat like Joe Lieberman. Someone who knew how important that vote was and used it as a dirty bargaining tool. Even so, many of the Obama policies were not real liberal policies and were more continuations of the policies of the Bush administration. I understand that compromise is sometimes necessary. But the Republicans made it clear that they wouldn’t from day 1. Obama recently admitted that it was a good strategy. I really hate that he said that. It is unfortunate that Democrats are always called on to be the bigger person or adult and work with the Republicans but it is never the other way around. Why is it wrong for the Democrats to use some of the same tactics as the Republicans? I need to clarify this because it is so important to be able to communicate effectively. I dislike the Clintonite tactics used by the DNC during the 2016 Democratic primary. Using less debates, fewer polling places, media blackouts and below the belt smears are not the type of tactics I want to repeat. But I do think that by advocating for your policies and broadcasting the horrible results of Republican policies are good tactics and fair. Furthermore, you should be able to call the alt-right what they are. When somebody is a horrible person and they bring their horrible ideas to actual policy, you should be able to call a spade a spade. I don’t care about political correctness or the horrible screaming that will come from the right. Those are the cries of losers who know that the only thing that is keeping them relevant is the fact that nobody is willing to dismantle them and their stone age policies. The media is comfortable with a combination of socially liberal and right wing economic policies. So we need to be able to communicate policy effectively. But we also must understand and be able to communicate intergenerationally. The baby boomers seem more horrified by Trump’s rhetoric than actual horrible policy. Please do not mistake me for a Trump fan. I just don’t seem him being all that different from somebody like Louie Gohmert. I also think that Trump wants to be liked. So he will likely be the same as a Tea Party Republican. This is horrible, but it isn’t Hitler level. We are approaching that though at rapid speeds with the “fake news” and saber rattling with Russia. We must be willing to call a spade a spade. We must fight on. The Phoenix will rise again my friends.

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