Russia is so SCURRRRY

I have had it up to here with all of this Russia nonsense. I am sick of the arguments used that Russia is indeed a tyrannical state that oppresses people including the annexing of Crimea. I acknowledge that Putin is not a nice guy. But neither was Saddam Hussein and he’s dead now. But not only is Putin not a nice guy, but he actually has weapons of mass destruction. This is a very dangerous game to be playing. Here are a few things to keep in mind when discussing any of this Russia stuff

  1. Russia could have hacked the DNC

It is not inconceivable for this to happen. Nations are always trying to spy and interfere with one another. We do it all the time and yet claim to spread democracy. The thing that is infuriating is that nobody is actually acknowledging the end goal. The fact of the matter is that if Russia indeed tipped the scales in Trump’s favor in some underhanded way, it would be appropriate to take appropriate action. But there are no big actions other than sanctions and saber rattling. This tells me that this is similar to the Iraq war lie.

2. Wikileaks are credible and claim to have received information from a disgruntled Insider

John Podesta fell for a common ploy used by hackers called a phishing scam. .You open a page or email that may say something like, do you want your penis to grow 5 extra inches or some dumb thing like that. It then allows hackers to literally reel in your info. It is a very easy thing to avoid for most computer literate people and Podesta was beyond careless. Furthermore, it isn’t a technique that is too technical to be common knowledge amongst hackers. The other fact is that there are rumors that a common wikileaks source met with a supposed anonymous insider in the DNC to give Wikileaks the information on the DNC. The legitimacy of the documents can be proven and therefore why is nobody talking about the actual findings? Well because Hillary Clinton should have won apparently

3. Nobody can be trusted as honest actors

After the Iraq War fiasco, depending on the intelligence community, based on information that we do not have, seems foolish. The information may indeed be credible but if it is, surely it can’t hurt to give the American people something to go on, anything to establish legitimacy. Furthermore, the DNC and Democrats are not in a position where you can trust their judgement implicitly. The leaks made them look very bad and the fact that the narrative has changed from the Russians helped leak to help Trump win, to Russians hacked the election is troubling. The damage has been done and yet there are still many people doing damage control. Hillary Clinton lost because she was a horrible candidate and the Dems dug their own grave by opposing the left in their own party and making sure that the people have no voice.

Let me be clear:

If there is solid evidence that they did indeed get involved that doesn’t change the validity of the information. However, it does mean that steps must be taken. I would rather see the Democrats try to remedy their mistakes. But I have no realy hope that that will happen.

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