Introducing myself

Hi this is my introduction to all of those who are in my group and for those who are reading this blog from the outside. I am Sam and I united the team that currently goes by the name of the Phoenix Party. The symbolism should be obvious to most who are well read but even if you aren’t well read I think that it can serve as a rallying cry. The Phoenix is a remarkable fictional creature that is reborn from the ashes whenever it dies. It dies in a spectacular way, by bursting into flame. The song is said to bring resolve to all who hear it. This is personally cathartic for me, as my many struggles and slow progress on many of my life’s goals are always difficult for me to accept. I graduated in 2015 despite being in my mid to late 20’s and graduating high school in 2007. I have always struggled to maintain friendships and have had difficulty with women. However, I have made progress however slow it has been. It may seem corny but I do believe that despite the slow progress, I will reach whatever my goals are. I have seized upon this project because of a few reasons.

  1. The last election cycle has infuriated me and created a division between myself and those in my family who I believed to have the same values as I do. To clarify, they do have the same values but have entertained the idea that somehow, the Dems can still be trusted.
  2. The betrayal of the Dems kneadled me beyond belief. I had always assumed that the right were disingenuous and would not ever see eye to eye with me. This is only partially true. The Dems are only better in their language. All politicians simply want to win, and those who do have ideology are often suppressed and mocked. This happened on the right and the left. But the right has had the tea party which, like them or hate them, have had a real effect.
  3. The media is so awful!!! I cannot stress how stupid they are. It is amazing!! Sorry I know that must seem hyperbolic, but seriously….it
  4. I have always had to learn from my mistakes and take responsibilty even when I feel partially wronged. Growth has been my story, and sometimes lack of growth. I recognize my faults and understand I am not perfect. However, the lack of growth, or responsibilty is what has made me the most upset after the last election season. Why should anyone have to accept lesser punishments when those who do the most harm get off scott free? Does justice only apply to the weak and powerless? Hillary Clinton was not even close to being a good person or a good politician.

So I brought fellow progressives together through facebook, whom I met via various Bernie Sanders groups. These people helped me make it through this tough time. They are part of the reason this group exists. Hell they are the reason!! I won’t promise that we will change the world. But I can promise that we will do everything we can to do so. I say we shoot for the stars, we might hit the moon.


I am 28 years old and I live in Silver Spring, MD. I have worked for the Service Employees International Union in both the Political Affairs Department and the Pension Fund Office. I graduated with a Bachelors in Human Services from McDaniel College. My main political issues of choice are, Economics, Foreign Policy, Civil Rights, and Justice. I like to read, write, play video games, am a film buff, and love to hear myself talk. Some say I am a narcisist….I hope they are wrong :p. Thank you for reading and we shall rise

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