Capitalism is dead

The final stage of capitalism is upon us. More extremist right wing policies are coming and a neo-facist has been elected to the white house. The media is little more than a tool of the corporate elite, concentrating on entertainment rather then cold hard facts. The reality is that Capitalism is only as good as the regulations constraining it. The competition aspect is always good, unless you have the government acting as a tool of the corporations in order to defeat competitors. But don’t get it confused, a completely free market would still favor the rich and the powerful. The rich would be able to control everything because they are the only ones who could afford to do anything. If everything is done for a profit, if nothing is guaranteed to us as a right, then nobody can live a meaningful life. Freedom is an illusion. Freedom is only for the rich and the powerful. They are never held responsible for their actions. The real criminals walk around free while those guilty of only smoking a little bit of marijuana languish in cells. The parasitic rich steal from all of us and give nothing back. And yet they have the gall to attack welfare programs as anti-freedom and socialism. They already have socialism and the rest of us have to deal with the harsh free market. Greed is not good and a system based on exploitation is NOT SELF-SUSTAINING. No matter how much you bitch  and moan, the fact of the matter is that there is no evidence that Capitalism can avoid the debilitating crashes, and the dependence on slave labor that it relies on. The big government is used to help the rich and not everybody else. Class warfare has been extremely successful. I am hoping that in the future I can post sources and make larger arguments without sounding crazy. It is very important to continue the resistance. The dragon never wavers, the phoenix will rise again. Farewell my friends

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