Priority Shift

Priority Shift

by Sam Snapp


We have really messed up priorities in the United States.

Don’t believe me?

Let me ask you this?

Do you remember your first job?

If you worked in retail or something similar I bet you felt mistreated and like the company didn’t really give much of a hoot about you. Capitalism is about profit and corporations are ammoral machines. This is not a criticiism but merely a statement of fact. They don’t need to give a shit about you. In fact, the less they care the better. Profit is more important than people. The wealthy are celebrated while hard working poor people are sneered at and told they need to work harder. Things like healthcare and education are just things to be bought and sold and not seen as basic human rights. The elites sneer at the Scandinavian system and crow the same tired fallacy of trickle down economics. Paul Ryan is currently salivating at the thought of dismantling what is left of the New Deal. Democrats are showing that they are probably not going to be reliable allies. The corporate coup is just about complete.. Our government is for the rich and not for the rest of us. Money for war is more important than making sure an elderly woman gets her healthcare in a small rural town in Idaho. Why doesn’t this have more people enraged? Why are Americans so ready to sell other people out? Do many of us really feel that none of us deserve dignity that comes with being a human? Why is compassion and helpful governance seen as weakness? It is a sick culture that defines success by a dollar sign and not by the quality of one’s character. It glorifies the wealthy and demonizes minorities. They divide us along party lines so we can be manipulated more easily. I say enough is enough!! I say this to all of us, all Americans. If the economy works for all of us, if we can all be guaranteed a decent life while not preventing those who work their hearts out from being adequately rewarded, will there be a need for all this hate and division? Social issues are directly connected to class issues. We need to make sure that the people in Congress understand, that if they get rid of Medicare…. they will not be reelected. Furthermore, they will be demonized as the monsters they are. We must unite and save our country. We must rise from the ashes because a dragon never wavers.

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