Uncle Sam wants YOU!!

This is not hyperbole or craziness. I want your help creating a progressive party. I know you don’t know me and I’m nobody of consequence. But desperate times call for desperate measures. The two party system is dead and we are rapidly become racist. The Democrats refuse to leave behind a major parasitic influence : Wall Street and Other corporate interests. The Republican Party has become the party of crazy people. So I want your help. I want to create a major progressive party. We are the Phoenix Party and we will rise from the ashes of the establishment. But I’m sure you want policy positions so here goes 

Universal Single Payer Health care is a human right 

Cut military spending and deconstruct all of our unnecessary bases overseas. 

Break up the big banks 

Reform the Fairness Doctrine in order to reform the media 

Support Indie media 

Encourage universal basic income 

Invest in green technologies 

Strengthen the FDA and EPA 

Universal education from grade school till College 

Pass a constitutional amendment to ban money in politics 

Make it law that all elections federal and states are publically funded

Reinstate the draft/ or make it a requirement for every citizen to either do a certain amount of community service or serve briefly with our armed services. 

Pass Universal background check laws on gun purchases 

Close the gun show loophole.

Pass the we the people act that guarantees that all human beings in our country shall be treated with the innate dignity and equality of law that is expected in our great nation. 

Expand the anti discrimination laws to include : atheists. 

Make it federal law that an aspiring politician must pass a competency test administered by an independent body of nonpartisan officials 
So will you take the journey with me? 

Will you take your chance to be a hero? 

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