Disheartening and Uplifting

Today was both disheartening and uplifting. I went to a march against the border wall and the imminent Muslim ban. I hear that there are many more protests taking place at major airports all across the United States. The first week of the Trump regime has been very scary in how fast the executive orders keep coming out. It is frankly, alarming how much bad news can be crammed into one week. But he was met by resistance by the people of the United States. While the corporate Democrats try to play nice and be the bigger people, the people who hate Trump have been marching and protesting. It is quite amazing to hear about but another thing to see it. The energy and raw emotion is palpable and you can feel like you are a part of something much bigger. No doubt this is an unusual administration and the hate and zeal that was brought to the surface from the 2016 presidential race must be fought. I hear a lot of back and forth ideas from the different progressive radio shows I follow. The general message is that the corporate dems cannot be trusted and must be removed. Some want to do that from within the party using a new platform called the Justice Democrats. It is a noble goal. However, quite a few other hosts seem to think that this is a really bad idea. They use the previous history of the Democratic Party being a graveyard for progressive candidates. I cannot decide on which side I agree with more. I believe both make good points. I hated Hillary and still hate the corporatists in the Democratic Party. But by yelling that anything a person does is futile and suggest a path that is fundamentally, a longer shot, is kind of pointless. I think that all of these progressive voices are well-versed in the struggles of third parties. They understand the Democrats do not actually stand for progressive values. But while one side says the doing the same thing again is a surefire loss and the other insisting on the differences in the approach, I don’t think either side is completely wrong. It is hard but I think any sort of gains we can make are important right now.

I was proud to march today

However, tonight I ran into the familiar beast of rejection. This time it was because I do not believe in God. I am an agnostic atheist and do not claim to know if God exists but live my life as if there isn’t one. Twice this has been a dealbreaker in terms of dating. It hurt more this time, even though the other time was worse because in that case I actually went out on a date and found out there. This time it was before we met and were just talking via text. While she may have said that she didnt think I was immoral or bad, the implications of not wanting her child to be raised by someone who isn’t Christian speaks volumes. It makes me sad that this CAN be a dealbreaker and for an altogether sane and rational human being. Once again  I find that by looking for love and acceptance I cannot find it when I look. The thing is, acceptance really does start with oneself. There is no magic to it and there is not easy way out. You must accept many things and do you for a while before anything can click into place. I understand that this might sound petty and childish to many. I accept that but I do think it is important to recognize lessons, especially when you find yourself straying away from them. I need to work on that. I need to work on me. Isn’t that everyone’s life story?

The Dragon Never Wavers my Friends


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