Marketplace of Ideas

As was said most eloquently by Voltaire: if you don’t believe in freedom of speech for unpopular ideas, you don’t believe in it at all. I definitely butchered that quote and apologize for that but the idea is the same. The ALCU for example, defended the KKK in court saying that despite the fact that they despise the organization is question, they have a right to free speech. However, if there was a true marketplace of ideas, it is very clear that the conservative ones would get their asses kicked. Those ideas just aren’t’ popular. The Republican party is only relevant because of their ability to market their unpopular ideas and use money to their advantage. This also has brought the dems to the right and means that no truly progressive ideas are talked about much in the mainstream media. And yet many absurd and refuted ideas like trickle down economics and the war on terror have been accepted as the consensus. Opposing viewpoints are important but when you don’t refute ideas that are just plain wrong, the confusion works to the conservative’s advantage. Until a strong messenger with good ideas is out there with progressive ideas things might not go well.

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