Working Towards a Better Future

Working towards a better future


I was inspired by a YouTube segment by the Progressive Voice, who is a regular contributer to the Progressive Army to write this brief piece. The segment was speaking about the divide in the left is more extreme than he first thought. He was mostly reacting a recent back and forth between hosts Kyle Kulinski, of Secular Talk, and Debbie Lusignan who is the creator and writer of the Sane Progressive. I am also a fan of both of them but most recently The Sane Progressive attacked the new Justice Democrat coalition, of which Kyle is a member and cofounder.

Debbie’s initial criticism was that due to the constraints in election fraud, that to try to take over the Democratic Party from within is pointless and the wrong strategy. Justice Democrats is an organization founded by both Kyle Kulinski and the Young  Turk’s founder Cenk Ugyur in order to primary corporatist Democrats and make the Democratic Party accountable to the people.

The Progressive Voice echoed the same exact sentiments I have, which is that the Sane Progressive is not actually helping and is actually being counterproductive. Normally, Debbie is very insightful and her channel is a hotbed of necessary criticism and covers necessary things. But while the Justice Democrats have actually acknowledged the fact that the battle is very difficult, the people involved have never actually betrayed us on the level any politician has.

Whether you like the Young Turk’s coverage of the 2016 campaign or not, they never lied and in fact I disagreed with many of their hosts and their opinions on Hillary Clinton. But that is the best part about these progressive outlets!! There is a variety of opinions and you don’t always have to agree with everyone. Cenk is also a person who, on air is willing to admit a mistake he has made, and Kyle is the same. That kind of accountability is necessary.

Most importantly though, if we must critique someone’s approach we must have alternative solutions. Many of us are armchair pontificaters, content to harass people in comment sections and vociferously follow the news in order to educate ourselves. But in the end we mustn’t become the enemy of ourselves. I think many of us on the left have a lot of hubris. Whether or not we acknowledge that is, besides the point. We get educated and like most people get attached to our way of thinking and find echo chambers of our own, progressive or not. We are human and are susceptible to ways of thinking that we normally associate with the right. The corporatist democrats are a perfect example of this. Progressives are normally much better at being open to ideas and open to discussion. We also are people who believe in morality and the correct way of winning via policy ideas rather than dirty political techniques like straw manning.

We must be better at not falling into a tribalist mentality and the only way to beat Trump is to have a coherent plan and move forward. The Justice Democrats have a plan. We should find ways of involving ourselves but unlike the Sane Progressive, we must have concrete ways of fixing things.

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