Russiagate: Witchhunt 2017

I am so sick of the Russia hysteria. The whole Comey firing has all of the Mainstream media fired up about how this somehow proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, Russian election interference. Forget about the other times the United States has interfered in other elections or how the information that supposedly dethroned Queen Hillary, was true. Russia is guilty of informing the electorate of how broken our democracy is. Even if it is true, how sad is that, that we would have to rely on a foreign government to tell us the truth. Furthermore, dissent is now apparently tantamount to Russian aide, according to Mr. Clapper. As an example, he uses the Occupy Wall Street movement and how RT was pretty much the only news organization covering it. He portrays this as interference because distrust in our government is seen as unacceptable. Apparently the working class is supposed to submit to our corporate masters, without any resistance. Capitalism has reared its true cruel face. No good can come from scapegoating most of the population and Neoliberalism is responsible for facists rising. There is no evidence of Russian collusion and Nancy Pelosi ever knows this. But this isn’t important, because Queen Hillary is more important than the poor. It is more important to continue being super rich than doing your job correctly. The American Empire is in danger of descending into a feudalistic society with a massive peasant class. There are no true liberals in power anymore. The media are a mouthpiece for conservatives and establishment shills. Hope is not yet gone but the fight must continue.

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