Civility and Language in Discourse

One of the things that has always exasperated the left in this country, is the downright disgusting and dishonest right wing media. Despite almost never being truthful, these false news shows, newspapers and podcasts, use language that is frowned down upon by the people who live in upper class circles. However, despite this, the reasons are due to it being uncivil or using profanity rather then the actual damage, lying and encouragement of hateful ideas. I’ve seen the rift in the left right now as about many things but there is one thing that most Americans agree on, and that is that the media is awful. If you are lying and spreading misinformation it is okay as long as you are polite and friendly while spreading it. This is something the right and the left can agree with. It doesn’t matter if you are being polite if you are actively making our lives worse. But it is also true that being antagonistic rarely if ever gets people over to your side in an argument. So how do you balance both? WHy is calling someone a liar only done when a person is being vicious and condescending. Why can’t you be polite but also never let a person get away with spreading misinformation? Money talks and this is often why this continues. We must be able to find the middle ground.

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