Dias De Muertos: Martes pt 1

Dias De Muertos
Martes Part 1
November 11th 2042
The rain started yesterday and it won’t stop. The rain was abnormal and if you had asked me before what I found abnormal about it I wouldn’t have been able to answer you. Only after a day later can I adequately answer it. It was braquish in color and looked extremely dirty. Luckily for me I hadn’t been scheduled for work so I was able to watch it and stay dry. Despite the torrent it was a strangely silent rain. No other sounds that you would normally hear in a city neighborhood. I should have known better now, I understand that. But for the love of god do NOT go outside.
November 13th 2042
The first bite was reported two nights ago. A freaking zombie apocalypse!!! Or at least that’s what my buddy Hector says. He is an extremely serious guy and yet I can never take him seriously because of his extremely thick Spanish accent. I know you think I am racist or something, but Hector is the person I trust more than anyone. But he also is the type who believes in the conspiracy theories peddled on goofball sites like InfoWars. Alex Jones is a fucking moron. But Hector isn’t quite that insane. He believes that the rain is causing the zombification. He ended up being right. Tonight there was an emergency broadcast from the CDC. A somber looking scientist who looked as though he hadn’t slept in about 24 years spoke brusquely into the microphone. “There is a bizarre amount of CO2, methane and nitrogen in this rain. Furthermore there are three unidentified chemicals that we believe to have been recently created as the result of some freak mutagen. There is no question that this was a created product and that we are looking further into it.” Hector called me immediately after this. “Fuck, man. I think I know who did this” Hector said as soon as I answered the phone. “C’mon man, really” I replied in the most neutral tone I had. “Dude, this is a big pharma creation” Hector barked back. “I never figured you for a hippie Hec” I said trying to hide my smirk. “Well I did used to work for the organization in question” he snapped back. Suddenly we were both silent. “Is it bad” I asked quietly. Hector didn’t reply immediately but when he did he simply said yeah and then hung up.

November 16th 2042
So apparently we can’t go outside or we will immediately be infected. We are encouraged to drink bottled water or water that is purified. I am starting to get cabin fever even after this short time being indoors. The rain isn’t stopping. My sister is convinced this is godly intervention for our supposed godless politicans in congress. My sister seriously creeps me the fuck out. My mother had to physically stop her from going outside into the rain because she was determined to be with Jesus. After we lost my father to the demon rain, (I know not very clever name for the rain but whatever) we weren’t taking any chances. I could see the infected outside in the rain. Unlike, the Romero zombies or the walkers in the Walking Dead, they seemed to be far more cunning. For example, they could drive cars. This freaked me out because it meant that they could enter houses and apartment buildings. But they hadn’t come inside our building yet. This made me even more uneasy. What were they waiting for? The rain used to help lull me to sleep. This rain was like an intolerable drum beat that was far louder than necessary. It wouldn’t let me relax. I wonder if I shouldn’t just give in and go outside with all the others. Hector is the only one who keeps me from giving in to despair. I need to wait it out. Eventually it will stop. It has to stop.

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