No valor in trololol

I am so proud to be an agnostic atheist, straight, CIS white male who currently lives in basement. In fact I am so proud I think I deserve the world. Now if you took that seriously, sorry, but no. I am definitely not proud to be white or straight or male. I had no control over any of that nor would I choose to be anything else. There is no level of pride to had from, well just being me. This doesn’t mean I don’t think I have any value, but it just means that my value has nothing to do with anything superficial.

The alt-right movement and the anti-social justice movement have one thing in common: they think that people are too sensitive. Apparently being sensitive is now something to be mocked and chastised. I consider myself and feminist and I don’t think that men are less worthwhile then women. I am pro social justice because there is still systemic injustices that are out there and need to be fixed. Furthermore, the inequities are not always a result of someone being literally Jim Crow Era racist and yelling epithets about the negro next door. In fact, quite often it is being done systemically and has nothing to do with what the average white guy believes or doesn’t believe. Nor does having white privelage mean you are actively racist. In fact, you don’t have to do or think anything for this to be a thing. White privelage is by, its very nature,always with you because of the color of your skin. It takes no active thought by you, it can just mean that someone doesn’t immediately consider you a threat. When someone talks about it, they aren’t calling you a horrible person or a racist. In fact, I think most often they simply want to make sure that people aren’t put in a possibly harmful situation that is out of their control.

However, senstivity itself, shouldn’t be deemed a weakness or a triviality. Masculinity isn’t divorced from this and shouldn’t be. In fact, if you as a man, have no sensitivity, this will blow up on you in many bad ways. Men in general, should be open and willing to know their emotions and understand the difference between feeling/ showing emotion, and being stoic in order to do the right thing. You don’t have to wall them off in order to do the right thing for others as a man. I think that those who believe that feminism is bad, believe that it isn’t about equality but is about female supremacy. I disagree and will, in other posts go further on about the youtube troll culture and how this might actually contradict the goals of promoting free speech and communication. I believe that many of those in the skeptic community do want to have better and less heated communication. This isn’t the same as never having arguments or never getting passionately heated about something. One can have a rational conversation without demonizing someone for having an emotional reaction to something. A balance is required.
End of PT 1

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