Murica the Bootiful

Murica the bootiful
Man does this country piss me off sometimes!! To be frank this post has been a long time coming as I have needed to let off some steam for quite a while. A great deal has happened since the last time I wrote and I feel like it is super important to talk about it in written form. Regardless if anyone reads this, I feel it is important so that I do not go completely insane as the world gets crazier every day. Herr Orange has continued to antagonize establishment journalists for the wrong reasons, like being uncouth or impolite, instead of for his gestapo immigration policies. The right continues to mule and whine about free speech regardless of context, and precisely because their free speech is advocating for cruel and violent solutions to problems that should be corrected differently. The media continues to operate as if the liberal media myth is real and cow tows to the conservative puritans they imagine watch them. Meanwhile extremists right wing hosts get further and further into dangerous territory. Alex Jones, a charlatan, and psychopath, and host of InfoWars is one of the most disgusting out there. He knows as little about political ideology as most right wingers but is far more disgusting. Net Neutrality is officially dead as of yesterday and already Netflix is monumentally slower. The internet has been a giant double edged sword in my life. Without the internet I would never have matured politically. I would have never started reading more offline as well. Russiagate continues despite the fact that the end game makes no sense. Regardless if it were to get rid of Trump, you get Pence and strengthen the party you are trying to weaken. It also weakens the left which is partially what they probably want. The Democratic Party is determined to isolate their base by moving to the right and maintaining their role of channeling activist energy into a graveyard. I tend to bitch more about the Democratic Party, because I feel like they are an obstacle to actual left goals. The Republican party is so ridiculous and so transparently evil that they can be beaten by an authentic leftist. The so-called moderate center is a bigger obstacle to change then the extremists on the right. The Republican party has radicalized their base and there is no question about it. Trump was an authentic right winger who appealed to the base of the party. Right wing news has made sure of it. Years of hate mongering and dog whistling will do that!!! They purged their party of so called moderates and they went to the Democratic Party. But then the Democrats moved to the right in order to simply cater to these people and abandoned their base. The Republicans have a leader but the Democrats cannot bring themselves to actually promote what their base wants. Nobody wants tax cuts for the rich except for the very rich. You cannot use the same old tired arguments anymore. With net neutrality gone, the ability to educate yourselves via alternative news will be in danger. Corporations want to be Big Brother. Corporations ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND. The so called free market doesn’t give a shit about people. Profits are far more important to them as is continuous growth. They will gladly crush a village to make money.

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