Private Totalitarianism

Before this post I discussed my thoughts on the free speech argument. Most of the arguments about Alex Jones being banned from YouTube were on grounds of the power that private corporations have in disseminating information via social media. This is, of course very true, that the power that these electronic social media platforms have, is worrisome and tilts the entire playing field against the left. Capitalism will always defend itself and will never allow opposing frameworks to exist. I do believe that these platforms should be nationalized and that the fairness doctrine should be reinstated. The imperative for profit and the need to keep the social relations in the capitalist framework, is something that must be crushed. I understand the arguments from those on the left, and agree that corporate totalitarianism is disgusting. My disagreement was only over strategy. We have the same values and therefore our only conflict is over the journey. Unlike centrists in the Democratic Party, I do not think those who disagree with each other on the left, over Alex Jones, are really unable to work together. Which is why I implore you to hear us out. We are not trying to make excuses for awful corporate entities that always will attempt to suppress the left. In fact that is indisputable, but because they will always do this, we must change our strategy. If the right are playing by a different set of rules than the ones it insists we should follow, we cannot win and the the right will never actually be challenged. The right has every single advantage possible in the United States. It has money, power, and a social system that encourages adherence to values that are closer to what they feel. Even those who are more socially liberal are very much conservative economically. This is because the system reinforces the conservative thought process. The field is tilted to the right and always has been. If we want to even the odds we cannot allow them to dictate any terms or even universal truths or axioms that are supposedly linked to what makes our country great. As citizens we must figure out ways to socially pressure large organizations to punish the powerful. This DOES NOT mean we cannot also push for the uber powerful tech monopolies to be broken up. Systemic issues are the most important issues to fight but to pretend that, in the meanwhile, people do not suffer in the short term is foolish. In this way, it would help us to be MORE rigid in our insistance of our ideas. We mustn’t allow conservatives to ever get away from setting terms of debates and dont allow them to give public performances when they are not really interested in arguing in good faith. We must fight dirty and give them every dirty trick we have to show them, that without their ability to lie, destroy, and crush, they have no meaningful ideas. They must be demoralized and defeated. The ideas that the current Republican party advocate are not just bad ideas, they are existential threats to the human species. When they scoff and attempt to appeal to values they don’t hold we must laugh and deride them. We must explain why they are wrong when we can and assess when it is not advantageous to argue. Because when they cannot get the left to defend everything they say or do, they actually have no really good ideas. The alt right relies on the liberal willingness to believe in fairness, honesty, intellectual rigour, and other supposed common values of the west. They however, only invoke it as a tool to get their ideas out there. Without this crutch the right cannot win. If we want to win, we cannot allow the right to determine what is fair play. They don’t care about what we care about. Because of this, we cannot compromise with them. The right sees us as people who are evil. However, until the left is willing to acknowledge the hostility that the right has towards basically everything we value, we cannot win. And we must win, because humanity cannot be saved without the defeat of the most dangerous party in American history.

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