Joker Face

Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself. Sometimes you have to acknowledge how hypocritical and imperfect you are. I am sometimes things that I hate and at other times I love parts of who I am. Humans are not perfect and the joy of laughing at yourself is a release like no other. Imagine that when you laugh at yourself that it is from the best point of view ever: the loving cutting tone of your closest family. Parody is the apotheosis of this. Parody says, I love you (insert type of work here) but damn are you stupid and I am going to exaggerate those things in order to show you that you are imperfect but I love ya anyways. I always have had an uneasy relationship with teasing. I love to laugh but have had trouble laughing at myself. I take myself too seriously sometimes. I am emotional and can be very volatile. But guess what, I like those things about myself but acknowledge how damning they can be in social situations. Damn can I be stupid and difficult to be around, but damn does that feel good sometimes. Because I can still learn and group and cry and laugh. I can love and hate and be greedy and compassionate. I can feel and not feel. For to know things about yourself is sometimes uncompromising and disheartening. But you can’t ever know everything about yourself because we change. Our character is shaped over time. So I encourage myself and you, the reader. Laugh at yourself today and enjoy a good ribbing at your own expense. Because guess what, you are only human and that’s fantastic.

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