Democracy requires dissent

The world democracy is used a lot to refer to the government of the United States of America. However, words and especially systems are more complex than you might have any idea of. For example, there were many other market systems besides capitalism. However, today most people think about capitalist markets when you use the word market. Can’t market also mean a supermarket? Language is tricky isn’t it? But it is important to understand that intent is important when discussing the history of the United States government. Intent is important, but it isn’t the only important thing. After all practice of laws and systems often has unforeseen consequences. The world does not sit still when one government acts. Democracy is often thought of, as just a government where the people vote politicians in who are supposed to legislate in their interest. The enlightenment era created some great philosophers and thinkers and while they did have some things in common it is important that they also had formidable disagreements. Even among the founding fathers there was animosity between them. The most notorious was that of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. Both were men of wealth but both fundamentally disagreed in what government’s job was. This was a fundamental and serious disagreement. In the end, the Constitution was a framework and was made vague enough that the landed and monied classes would remain powerful. It would be amended many times but it was made nearly impossible to amend. The system of checks and balances ensured that the government would not be able to legislate easily. However, history shows us, that there were many ways to get around certain restrictions and limitations. The reality was that the founding fathers understood the fact that the people would always outnumber the men who they deemed the most suitable to legislate. They had an opinion over who should govern and were wary of the common folk. In fact, one could say that they had their own form of aristocratic arrogance. Enlightenment values were for the cultured elite and not for the unwashed masses. Only men of means were virtuous. They took the protestant ethics and applied them to people of means and accorded them high moral character. Every single major social and economic achievement was gained through pressure from the people. Progress was slow and unfortunately in many cases it involved a mix of violence and nonviolence. The comfortable would never listen until they felt uncomfortable. And even once they were uncomfortable they would lash out against the unhappy oppressed people. The government will never do anything good a moral reason and yet we expect statemanship to be impacted by morality. The systems of power encourage tactics that are immoral and no empire can escape this. The idea that the United States is a democracy is a sick joke. The opinions of the people are secondary to the opinions of the people with means and money. The upper class only mingles with people they like and the people they like are those who are in the upper class. Politics is uncomfortable and divisive and change is never pleasant for anyone. Dissent is the only thing that can keep an actual democracy healthy. Problem solving requires that the problem is identified and that it is recognized as a problem. Until it effects them the powerful will never heed you. Ignoring you is more of a problem then them actively attacking you. Showing contempt for the people who elected them and who they supposedly work for isn’t a good look. I would encourage you to see dissent as patriotic. The country is nothing without its people. A country’s character is often representated by the powerful and what the powerful can get away with. If the powerful cannot be held to a standard it is a bad thing. Remember that the government works for you. Your tax dollars fund it and it is currently, the only way to make your life better on a larger scale. You are the employer fro the state and therefore insist on accountability. After all if the private employer can treat you like shit, if you are a public servant you are obligated to work for the people who pay you. The people who pay more only do so in order to get a bigger obligation going. But the number of people who contribute less are more important. The happiness of a few rich assholes cannot represent the health of a country. Especially when they are only healthy at the expense of the rest of us. The government isnt a perfect solution but it is the only one at the moment. The anti government right uses their hatred of big government in order to prevent you from keeping them accountable. They understand the power of the office and intend to use it. They recognize the effectiveness of it and yet they lie about it. Therefore no matter how unreasonable you might think they are keep making it clear, you work for us. You are our employee and we have the right to fire you if we want. You work for us not wall street.

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