Jordan Peterson is a charlatan

Does this title trigger you? Are you immediately ready to respond and call me a cuck or beta SJW cultural marxist? If so then you have been hoodwinked. Mental health professionals such as Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris disgust me as do any atheists who promote hostile and anti-human systems of thought. It is telling that the Skeptic community has been taken in by Peterson because the exact argument that most skeptics make towards creationism can be made here. To have an authority with credible scientific background is a wonderful thing for the internet dwelling skeptic. Similar to the high school dichotomy it seems we dudes always find a way to create some ridiculous measure of manliness whether it be pop culture savvy or football skill. The idea that socially awkward and victims of bullying can turn into vicious bullies themselves is not necessarily new and it won’t be the last time. The internet has always contained the dregs of the earth’s most vile. Anyone who has been on the internet for a long time understands this and those who grew up and watched the internet become mainstream could use a bit of judgment. Many of the aforementioned skeptics are of my generation or a bit younger. They should know better. Yes I am making a judgment of their maturity and morality. Despite the truths that they seek to prevent from being trampled on, they seem to attack many things that I, as someone who identifies a geek, gamer, and science nerd like. I believe in the social sciences and value empathy and caring about other people. But it seems that I do not share this with many atheists. You’d think the fact that in the United States atheists are hated more than Muslims would quell the bloodlust for fellow marginalized groups. They seem to enjoy the title of skeptic without applying it to ideas they care about. It was one thing to criticize creationism because it was never something they were that attached to. But for some reason they had nothing but contempt for feminism or social justice. As if that effected their lives even slightly. The fact is that they couldn’t see that in many ways, they reverted to mere conservatives when they felt like something that they relied on not changing, such as video games, was undergoing some changes. They then attach their frustration with their own safe space and project it onto various other disparate movements and ally themselves with many of the same people they used to clash with. In the end, they were actually afraid to truly be skeptical. They were afraid to question their own ideas and deeply held beliefs. The creationist feels the same way and will do whatever they can to preserve their own beliefs and those of their congregation. Jordan Peterson was only able to get famous by playing to that audience. The veneer of authority , is all it requires for the skeptics to support someone. If the person is saying something they already believe they will believe him. Jordan Peterson is using his platform to hurt people and divide them. His own profession is something that belies his own personal disgusting system of beliefs. The United States has enough crazy people who just follow people who say what they think out loud, without Peterson. You cannot reach people who are determined to excuse disgusting systems in order to protect themselves. Not only is Jordan Peterson wrong about most things he talks about, he uses the one area of expertise to slyly get in a bit of social commentary. Peterson deserves contempt because he is being dishonest and he is bringing disgrace to his field psychology. The only reason he has had any success is that there are people who are willing to pay other people with a fancy title who will say what they believe. Otherwise this is old and getting tiresome. Western culture could use a rethink and if that triggers you, maybe you should work on improving yourself and not attaching your self-worth to a nebulous idea that supposedly connects all of us. I don’t have the same beliefs and values as the Alt-right. In fact, I have better beliefs and values. So yes, I do have feelings and have rational emotions, because I am human. Maybe try acting like a human sometime.

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