Conservatives don’t value free speech

Citizens United was an infamous Supreme Court decision for those on the left. Money in politics is an issue that has created a vast gulf between what the voters want and what actually is legislated by their elected representatives. There are so many articles and books on this that at this point it seems silly to belabor the point but it still needs to be said. What does this have to do with free speech? Well conservatives use free speech as a weapon in order to spread their ideas. They appeal to the liberal’s love of wordplay and the idea that one can win the battle of ideas via argument. However, the conservatives do not actually care about the free speech of the left. Do you see any left leaning folks at any right wing outlets like Breitbart or the Daily Caller? Do you have anyone moaning about lack of diversity of ideas at these places? You are more likely to get a mix of conservatives and liberals/centrists in the biggest mainstream media outlets than in conservative publications. The hypocrisy has been pointed out a bazillion times. However, that alone doesn’t work to change the conservative’s strategy. You see I think they really believe that money equal free speech. I think that the ability to buy spots and platforms for them is a free speech issue from their point of view. Their ideas, if they were contested on an equal playing field, are simply not going to cut it. They know it and left knows it. So the argument to get money out of politics is far more serious to them than you might think. You see they have no illusions about what the right wing base wants. They know that years and years of demonizing the left has made it so that they believe the left is evil and cannot be reasoned with. They know that the left cannot reach them through arguments because the right wing base simply cannot let go of their narratives. It is a moral imperative for them to hate the left and to never agree with them. For them. winning isn’t just strategy, it is a moral battle. This means that their hypocrisy isn’t a problem for them. They simply are doing what they need to to win. They have no scruples because they don’t care about the same values as the left. They take comfort in the difference. It is what keeps them stable in an uncertain and scary world. The conservatives also know that they have a major advantage over the left in terms of money. They can create platforms out of thin air and can even have their outlets or platforms be completely unified in hatred and nobody bats an eye. People are used to the right being hypocritical and just doing what they need to to stay relevant. The left cannot do that because the wealthiest people in the country do not care about the left’s issues. They are only as far left as their economic position allows them to be. Without life support, the conservatives wouldn’t have a chance. They can use thinkĀ  tanks to challenge the left wherever they want. They can infect college campuses and challenge anything they want because as long as their is money they can sow doubts in any objective facts. The marketplace of ideas analogy is only true for ideas that are forced to stand alone on their merit. The left is forced to do that and the right can always count on some rich asshole to give them a platform to spew lies uninterrupted. The sheer scope of the reach of these ideas makes up for lack of quality. They are able to lie and spew everywhere because they don’t have issues creating ways to reach people. Resources are simply not there for the left. So when people on the left defend the right being banned by private corporations who, I agree, have way too much power, I have to ask, what is your endgame? Alex Jones wouldn’t hesitate to get you banned if he had an opportunity. He wouldn’t lament if your voice was gone. He will always be able to get a platform elsewhere. However, you can still be banned and you will not have the same resources he does. I admire principle, but it really won’t change the fact that the left is simply unable to compete on the sheer number of platforms that the right can get to. And tolerating that uneven playing field isn’t an option if you are directly being hurt by these people. It isn’t like their ideas are important or interesting. They cannot survive without deceit and a sugar daddy. We, on the left, have actual merit in our ideas. But that doesn’t stop the right from bitching at even the notion, that our ideas are allowed to exist and be broadcasted. The very existence of our ideas offend them. Remember that, your principles are great, until you are under the torch. I for one, do not share a lot of the ideas of the leftist male community. I do not subordinate emotion to rationality. I know that both need the other. But I want the same as you do. I want a more just America. But if we are at a disadvantage, why not take a little joy at the tiny moments at which justice is served to the right wing? They have every opportunity and every advantage, and your standing on principle just makes them laugh. They see that as weakness. They are wrong about that, but they also are not wrong that is helps them win. We simply cannot reach them and because of that, do not let them escape the stigma of their disgusting ideas. They are not helpful or merited, they are simply hatred disguised as rational inquiry. They don’t care about what you think. So don’t worry about it and don’t hesitate to crush them

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