Shade Reviews: Sorry to Bother You

Sorry to Bother you is a great film that has a lot going for it. In an alternative timeline, Cassius Green, is trying to make ends meet as a telemarketer. However, as he works his way up, he learns the difficulty of fighting the capitalist system and the degradation at the top. Can Cassius do the right thing and make a difference, or he is just another man who is determined to die without making a name for himself? The cast is pretty solid with some pretty golden moments courtesy of Danny Glover and Steven Yeung who is best known for the Walking Dead. Tessa Thompson plays the free spirited Brooklyn, who is the main character’s fiance. The overall messaging is very on the nose and you will probably find it hard to ignore the subtext. There were many great little moments that made me smile and think, well done movie. The voiceover during scenes where Cassius puts on his “white voice” was fairly interesting. I felt that the first two thirds of the movie was decent and even excellent but the last third felt a bit disjointed. It felt like the pacing was thrown off in the last third. I enjoyed the movie a great deal and hope that Boots Reilly does more films because he is clearly talented. However, it isn’t perfect or excellent. It is a decent watch and I would give it a solid 3.5 out of 5.

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