Dias de las Muertos Sabado parte dos

I was very skeptical of what the dark pill was able to do. It wasn’t like there was much information on the original website. It directed me to an invite only forum on Reddit. The people on the forum seemed to be uniformly in favor of it. But the side effects varied from mostly positive to too good to be true. There were some claims of formerly red pilled virgins having sex with professional models and being almost too attractive to the opposite sex. This was, of course one of the most appealing claims. Other claims involved silencing our opposition literally. This was so vague that I couldn’t take it seriously. Some claimed to make them gods among men. This is the internet so, these aren’t abnormal claims and I dismissed them as the normal ego stroking that men, myself included, used when talking to other men about our escapades. However, some of the claims, were, well ,insane and a bit morbid. I wasn’t new to horrific violent and sexual imagery on the internet. In fact, one could say I had desensitized myself to it. I just didn’t have a strong reaction to it anymore. But the escalating nature of the claims from dark pill users was enough to make my stomach turn. I don’t think anyone would believe me if I listed the claims here. What, do you expect me to go into the details? I don’t want to indulge in that when the endgame is so gross. Just know, that I was no naive dude on the internet and one could say I was a veteran in the red pill community. I laughed at feminists and enjoyed mocking people. However, this was starting to creep me out. What drove me over the edge and decide to buy the pills was something, in hindsight, was very stupid. I was trolling feminist reddit and enjoying how easily I tended to rile people up. All I had to do was purposely say things that were really awful and mean and people would immediately jump on it and either argue with me, attack me, attempt to be imperious and judgmental, or white knight for the feminist I was attacking. It was glorious, watching every person lose their minds. However, one user named PurpleTubeSlasher666, responded to me and instantly got my attention. This person simply listed out every single social media account I owned. Then at the end they typed, your move. I was flabbergasted and very angry. How the hell did this happen? I had heard about doxxing and I knew many people who relished the idea of doing it to other people. I however, being convinced of my own moral righteousness, never thought I’d ever do that myself. I was convinced that my arguments were just better. I was better, I didn’t need to harass people in real life to win. However, this was an attack on my personal life. When I told my friends online about it, they were very supportive of trying to dox that person back. I should have said no but  I didn’t. I had seen doxxing work wonders on destroying people’s lives. However, I had no idea how fast it would hurt me. Over the span of three weeks I had my email hacked and had been forced to explain to my boss and my family how they got child pornography sent to them. I lost my job and was thrown out of my parent’s house. I was able to prevent the worst, and being sent to jail but my reputation and personal life was destroyed. I will try to talk more about that another time. The night  I decided to buy the pills was the night that I received an email from a familiar username. PurpleTubeSlasher666@gmail.com sent me an email. There was only a single attachment and no text. I scanned it for viruses and then when it came up clean I opened it. It was a picture of my parent’s house. My blood turned cold. I quickly called up my friend Garth. Garth is my tech savvy friend. He has doxxed people before and is currently no longer a friend of mine. Call me vindictive for throwing his name out but it is necessary. Garth told me that he had figured out the person’s information. The attachment was useful to him for some reason because when I sent it to him he was able to figure it out quickly. He said he would give me the information of the person if I was willing to try the dark pill with him. He told me how he had personally seen a friend of his, who was very very unattractive sleeping with a model afterwards. Garth wasn’t the type to lie about stuff like that. After all, Garth actually had money and hadn’t really ever had issues meeting women. He was a red piller because it suited him. It never even crossed my mind that maybe he was lying to me. In the end, did that really matter? I was eager for revenge. So I agreed and bought the pills. I told him I did and he immediately sent me directions on where to meet him next Saturday. I then felt angry. I told him that he was being ridiculous and that he should just tell me who it was now. He insisted that actually it was more important that he tell me in person. I could almost hear the smile in his voice as he explained this to me calmly. The fact that he was so calm while I was yelling in his ear was far more disconcerting to me then the fact that he was refusing the information when I wanted it. Didn’t he understand that this fucker knew where I lived? Garth told me that I needn’t worry. That this person wasn’t the type to threaten my parents. I tried to calm down but it was difficult. I would understand why he was so secretive when that Saturday came. This is when things got way more complicated.

To be continued

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