Fanbases and Fandom

It is a ton of fun to watch videos and read content lampooning things you enjoy. It is fun delving deeper into these franchises that you enjoy very much. But whenever you seek to expand a franchise or adapt it into a different era or format, the intent is partially important. I think many other content creators across many platforms have said this better than I have but I feel that it is worth saying. I believe that Marvel’s success with their Marvel Cinematic Universe is largely about treating the characters and stories with both respect and love. In other words, it is best for someone to like the work they are adapting or working on. This shows in the final product. If someone adapts something they don’t completely understand or enjoy, it shows. Now I may not agree completely with the endless criticisms of the Last Jedi for shitting on Star Wars, but I get where they are coming from. I personally enjoyed the changes and steps taken but I understand why some may take it as an insult. However, I do not doubt that the director cared about Star Wars. This is why it isn’t enough to be a fan to do a good adaptation. However, I would argue that if you do not treat the source material or the concepts with care and respect, you aren’t really developing the best movie, show, video game etc. You need to be in the right mindset to create it. That doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter opposing forces and other difficulties. One of the most inspiring things about the Star Wars original trilogy is the fact that the films ended up being released at all. The amount of trials and issues that went on is part of what made it work. However, that extra love shows in a work of art. The Avengers Infinity War was a movie 10 years in the making. It was a celebration of the characters and universe and was moving because it showed that Marvel loved what they were making. They loved it and that reflected in the product. They showed the fans a level of respect that is great. It was almost like talking directly to the fans and saying: yeah I know Spiderman is awesome but wait till you see what he does next. It is sharing their love with the fans.

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