Communication Pt 2: The Centrist Defense

Before I continue, I would like to point out one of the most difficult thing about discussing any really important ideas or values, which is that it often gets personal. Regardless of what we may think, our perception of ourselves does seep into discussions about politics and society. Because of this, it is useful to understand the differences in experiences and worldviews. I believe wholeheartedly in these things:

  1. True democracy requires open discussion and understanding. It requires knowledge and planning.
  2. If ideas and worldviews are not allowed to compete on even footing you cannot have a true middle ground.
  3. Not every argument or worldview is valid without figuring out whether their perceptions, value systems, and arguments adhere to the real world. In other words, the world is often shades of grey but the changes in society can sometimes prompt us to understand when certain solutions that have been acceptable previously might not be valid. Black and white thinking is normally questionable but I do think context matters.
  4. It is useful to understand when someone is incapable of being reached. This is tough but we need to.

The Centrist right now is, in many ways, a useless group. I mean no disrespect, because I do think that occasionally the values they uphold can be useful, but at the moment they seem unable to read the actual reality of the situation. Centrists benefit from the status quo and because of this they will often resist any major changes. But the really remarkable thing is that, our current batch of centrists have attached their own sort of morality on it and even made it a part of their identity. Similarly to the New Democrats, they seem to place a high moral virtue, on being polite, encouraging debate, and encouraging compromise. They cannot fathom how it is possible that when people have such different value systems that they might, not actually want to spend the extra mental energy on discussion. They take their own experiences and think most people have the same experience. In this way, they are more conservative than the current right wing. I use conservative here, as meaning, resistant to change in order to protect the system as is. The current right wing is actively encouraging regressing the culture back to some idealized 1950’s and are okay with using rapid government power to do so. They couch their talk in long term conservative values but understand that the importance of moral clarity is more important to their base then actual consistentcy. The left wants to destroy what they see as an oppressive system in order to help as many people as humanly possible. They do not trust centrists as allies because in most cases, they have turned on them when they needed them. They understand that the centrists depend on the status quo and because of that they can never actually work with them. Order is more important to centrists than justice. They depend on the system as is. This means they feel like the world is falling right now. They are not stupid and understand that many people are very unhappy. They understand that any solution would seriously challenge their lifestyle. They understand that they are not all where they are, exclusively on merit. They rely on the lies they tell themselves to get through the day. American Exceptionalism is more important to them than I think, to the alt right. They cannot live with the idea that America currently, is grossly awful for most, but that precisely because of that, they are where they are.

To be continued.

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