Best Horror Podcasts

Halloween is two months away but horror fans always love a new recommendation to whet their bloodlust before the leaves turn. (bloodlust is figurative don’t @ me)

Here are a few gems for the horror fan:

The NoSleep Podcast is one of the best horror anthology podcasts of recent memory. With a great production value and tons of talented writers and voices, is definitely worth a listen. They do have a free version but they also have a paid version which essentially adds an extra hour to an episode. It’s a great way to discover horror from amateur writers but in familiar style, the radio style.

The Wicked Library is similar to the NoSleep Podcast but it plays more like a combination of the Creepshow meets podcast. I should mention that the full show is free but that if you want no ads or the backcatalogue you can subscribe. Definitely worth a shot as they also do interviews with the writer after the story.

The Black Tapes Podcast is another gem but instead of anthology, this podcast is much more akin to Serial or a detective story than the others. Combining mystery with X-files in audio form makes for a thrilling pseudo documentary that is addictive. This podcast is completely free but I assume that they appreciate donations regardless. The series is on hiatus at the end of season 2. The group also has a similar show called Tanis which is still being released.

I am not sponsored by anyone and am seriously just giving recomendations.

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