Dias de los Muertos Sabado parte tres

Authors Note: Hey all, thanks for reading this story and I apologize for convoluted releases. However, I would like to briefly say that this is intended to be a rough draft of this particular short story. The idea of the anthology of short stories is that they are experiments in short horror stories that I am using to get better at writing. This means I could use any sort of criticism. If you don’t like the story let me know why. I want to listen to criticism and get better at writing. Thanks for reading and enjoy part 3. 

The day I got the pills in the mail I was once again struck by the weirdness of the whole situation. Not only was the packaging unusual but the entire idea of using literal pills instead of the metaphorical red pill was rather unusual. I had met my friend at the park and he had showed me a picture of the house of the person who had doxxed me. I was eager to pursue the person but my friend talked me down. Looking back his calmness was probably a red flag. Not that he was known for being energetic or was never calm, but his complete nonchalance and calm was rather unsettling. The calm was so odd that it literally felt like the temperature was lower when I was near him. All other sound seemed to have been sucked out so that I could listen to him. I might not be doing a good job at describing it but that is how it seemed. However, the important thing was figuring out whether the dark pill was worth it. On cue, my friend showed me pictures of women who he had met and slept with. He had so many pictures of him with them and such variety it was almost comical. It was as if, he had gone out of his way to cover all the bases so I would believe him. OCD was his middle name I guess. But it did the trick. I believed him. I finally asked him if he knew the identity of the person who had doxxed me. He told me it was Kristina. I felt dumbfounded. Kristina was my sole female friend. She was gamer girl and a latina. She was also hotter than lava, as my friends said but incredibly picky. I felt betrayed. I was friends with her and I didn’t really want to lose her friendship. I had been madly in love with her since middle school. My friend told me that it wasn’t worth my time to confront her. He said he would deal with her. The way he said it made my blood curdle. I told him to back off and that I would talk to her. This brought me back to my house. I was going to call her but then the package came. I put the package down and then I called her. She answered the phone after the third ring and asked me what’s up. “Hey Kris, have you been upping your computer skillz” I blurted. Good going I thought to myself. She seemed to recognize my tone and this was our conversation.

Kristina: You okay?

Me: Can you please answer the question Kris?

Kristina: Come on man you know I suck at hacking. Did something happen?

Me: You didn’t hear?

Kristina: What am I some sort of mind reader? Come on now you are scaring me.

Me: Maybe you should be scared

Kristina: What was that? What the fuck did you just say? What’s the matter with you?

Me: I got doxxed you dumb bitch. I know it was you. My friend saw your house on it. I’ve been to your house before. Stop playing games, why would you do that to me?

Kristina: Wait what? I didn’t…

Me: Oh come on, you are smarter than that. After everything I’ve done for you

Kristina: Wait what the fuck is this? The inquisition calm the fuck down..

Me: I do everything for you, I comfort you when that bastard Rich cheated on you and…

Kristina: What the hell is this? You call me about something I am just finding out and then twist a knife in my heart. (sobbing) What the hell is the matter with you? Do you really have that little sense…

Me: Goddammit I am the nicest guy you know and you treat me like shit

Kristina: (Snorts) Yeah so nice.. you are certainly proving that right now.

Me; What the fuck. You dox me and ruin my livelihood and then you kick me while I am down. You are the most goddamn beautiful girl ever, you could have any guy you want and…

Kristina: WHAT what you think you deserve to fuck me? Is that is it? Is that why you hang around like a lost fucking puppy dog. (now sobbing more) You wonder why the fuck I didn’t ever date you… what even is this? I thought I knew you but…

Me: Fuck that don’t make this about me….


She hung up and when  I tried to call back it went straight to voicemail. I attempted to call her and contact her every way I could. After  I calmed down I was desperate to contact her. However, over weeks and weeks I couldn’t hear from her. Eventually I went to her house and was met by the police. They told me I needed to leave and that the young women was terrified and considering putting a restraining order on me. I was hurt and defeated. When  I got home I was angry and yelling so much tears were coming out of eyes. The combination of mixed emotions was damning. It felt good but also felt hollow and awful. Finally I picked up the package of the dark pills that I had forsaken. The package was jet black and had grey eyes and hieroglyphics on it.

I ripped it open and a single pill bottle fell out and a piece of paper. The paper was yellow and felt laminated. On it were a simple sentence of instructions, take with alcohol and welcome to the dark pilled community. I was too upset to wonder about whether taking it with alcohol was a good thing or not. I was past caring. I took it with Jack Daniels and then went to bed. Then the dream happened.

To be continued.

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