Dias de los Muertos: Sabado parte 5

I woke up in a cold sweat and rolled out of my bed. The dream had felt so real. I could still feel those…things all over me. I went to brush my teeth and wash my face and nearly had a coronary. In the mirror, I saw the masked man. I nearly collapsed and when I looked back to the mirror I just saw my own gaunt and pale face. I looked like I had aged 10 years since last night. Get the fuck over yourself I chastised myself. After showering I went out and found myself suddenly feeling confident. That night I went out with my friend Garth and found that even without alcohol I had no fear. I must have asked out 4 girls in my entire life, but that night I asked 5 for their number. I got one number and the girl had a friend. I was feeling like a real casanova. She was medium height and had a cute face and long brown hair. She was hotter than most of the girls I had spoken with in a while. I was feeling very suave and ended up making only one big mistake that night. Unfortunately it ended with me being maced and kicked out of the bar. I left before the girl could call the police on me. For some reason, I still felt calm. The icey calm that had been with me all day was still there. It was as if, by ignoring my emotions I could become a minor god. That night I got more numbers and more attention than I had gotten in my entire life. I was thrilled but that icey feeling was beginning to recede and my anxiety began to resurface. I ended up leaving with two gorgeous models from the bar. Whether they were models was besides the point. Both looked like they could do glamour modeling or pornography. I told them both of these things and was surprised when they didn’t get upset at the second one. The two were either dumber than bricks or incredibly attracted to me. I didn’t much care about the first one but the second one was the more important one. I ended up in bed with them and lost my virginity in possibly the best spontaneous and crazy night of my life. Then there was another dream.

I woke up and found myself in my bed and the girls were both asleep on either side of me. I managed to nudge one of the them because I wanted to go to the bathroom. She fell off the bed. I was then alarmed and began to scream as loud as I could when I saw her face. Her face was caved in and the shadowy figures were spilling out like small insects. Suddenly a hand clamped on my mouth. The hand was soft but it burned like an iron and I felt my skin beginning to burn. I struggled against the hand but it was searing into me and I wasn’t able to pull it off me. Eventually it let go. I saw the hand belonged to the other woman. Her face was not caved in but I wish it was. Her face was just as beautiful but her eyes that sparkled with such vigor the night before were pools of darkness. Her lips were twisted in an unnatural sneer. The sneer was one of the most evil things I had ever seen. I heard the whispers again and heard a voice in my head.

Why do you hate yourself? Why do you hate me? What is wrong with you? Did you really just get laid? Is this a dream? Is your life a dream? What are you really? Are you a man? Are you a muttonchop? Are you a walrus? What the fuck kind of guy treats women like trash? What kind of man cries like a bitch?

I felt tears sliding unbidden down my face. Then laughter, cacophonous and loud all around me. It echoed in my head and I literally saw both undead monstrous women throw their heads back and laugh at me. Laugh at how pathetic I was and laugh at the fact that I was so miserable even while in the company of beautiful women. The world was laughing and I realized that I didn’t know if I wanted it to stop. Then I woke up. I was alone in my bed and there was no sign of anyone else. None of the women’s clothes were on the floor and there was no sign of females in room. I thought I was going crazy for a minute when I saw a brief note written on a post it. It read, had to go, maybe you’ll see us again if you decide to change your attitude. This of course didn’t make me feel better. What had happened last night? Did I really lose my virginity? Was I going insane?

Part 5 finished

To  be continued.

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