Dias de los Muertos: Sabado parte 6

The week afterwards was the longest week of my life. Every night I would return to that labyrinth of a library. Each time the masked figure would chase me and corner me. Every time the icy horror would seize me and I would run regardless of the fact that I actively knew I couldn’t escape. Every night eh library would have new corridors and would even have special rooms. Sometimes I would see people in the rooms having horrible things happening to them. The most common was Kristina, being assaulted by the masked figure. I would always look away and find myself angry and sad. I would end the dream if I attempted to attack the masked figure.

However, it got way worse just yesterday. Now I saw the masked figure everywhere. In the real world, for instances and I would always get the icy feeling in my chest. I was actually having sex now. I seemed to get more when I didn’t really care about it. But it felt hollow and meaningless. I saw Kristina with another dude, a guy who I had been friends with before the red pilled era. He was a beta and very quiet. I say beta because that is the language the red pills understand. The me, today would have just said, he was an adult who wasn’t as aggressive as I thought he was supposed to be. Sure he could be an ass and had his own issues but he seemed not to care about what other people thought. This of course infurated me when I found out. But I didn’t confront him or her. I was too tired and angry. I eventually met up with other black pill dudes who had sent a follow up email after I had taken it. At the time I had wondered how they got my email. I hadn’t listed it and had gotten the pill from my friend Garth.

I met them at the local diner. I immediately knew who they were. They wore nice clothes without being fancy but other than that, they were hypnotic. They seemed at ease but the air in the diner seemed icy. I immediately wanted to leave when that icy feeling hit. But a hand clamped down on my shoulder, and a tall man with a gawky gait, and rimmed glasses greeted me. “You must be Derek, I’m Walter” the man said while frog marching me to the table. His voice was way too calm and icy. I had no idea what icy sounded like until I heard him speak. The other two men smiled at me when I sat down with Walter. They looked at me expectantly, but I looked at them quizzically. “Sooooo, are you enjoying your new life”, asked the man sitting directly across from me. He had something stuck in his teeth and I was too distracted to answer. Then I felt Walter’s icy hand on shoulder and I pulled away violently. Suddenly I was alert and alarmed. “What on earth did you do to me” I whispered angrily, somehow I wasn’t able to speak louder with the air being slowly being squeezed out of my lungs. The three men looked at each other quizzically. “I don’t know what you mean” Walter said solemnly. His smile was gone and both of the other two were giving each other knowing looks. I was almost about to blow my top when I managed to calm down. “The dark pills, you were the one who sold them to me. They are fucking my with my head” I explained trying to keep my voice leveled and calm.

The three men looked at each other and looked like they were just as confused as before. “They are a placebo, dude. They don’t actually do anything. It’s all about perception” Walter explained slowly. “Bullshit” I spat. And I got up abruptly and seething with anger. I left rapidly and the icy feeling didn’t leave me the entire trip home.

I slammed my door and washed my face. I didn’t know what to do. I eventually felt really tired and fell asleep. Another of the manic dreams had returned.


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