Reframing and Morality

Often, the most frustrating thing about arguing politics with people is the fact that often the argument comes down to a disagreement over core values and notions of morality. Strip away policy disagreements and the role of governments and you have a bare bones moral combat going on. Nobody likes to feel like they are being attacked as people. But even if you aren’t attacking the person, doesn’t mean a person cannot feel attacked. It is important to understand that a person’s morality and values are what gets them to the polls. Policy is super important but it is secondary. Especially in the West, where we have somehow convinced ourselves of some grand narrative that includes all of us. This in the United States is American Exceptionalism. Funny, how we value individualism so highly and most demonize collectivism, but there are certain ideas that are collectivist and allowed. The moral character of the United States is collectivized and cannot be challenged. Our intentions and goals are clear and wonderful. Reality challenges this and reveals it to be bullshit. But often, in troubling times, your identity and values connect strongly with your country or whatever other group you roll with. This can create more heated divisions. The problem of course, is that morality is important and real implications for people’s lives come from policy. We cannot pretend that we are picking and choosing priorities that will, often, pick and choose where to concentrate our resources. Politics is a battleground for morality. The right wing has been very successful in continuing to rehash the same arguments and tired straw mans about the left. They often lie and lie and are never able to be deflated. The right simply has the money and power to outlast most people’s anger. The right often is allowed to get away with framing the argument. The right has the most to lose from actual policies that would help most people. Because of that they are vicious. They have no qualms about using the most dirty tactics to win. Winning is moral for them. They believe they are morally better. So when they accuse the left of being holier than thou, it is really ridiculous. Often what passes itself as left is merely centrists who never actually attempt to challenge right wing framing. We must never let them frame the debate or discussion. If they attempt to protest, we must be firm and mustn’t be afraid to look like assholes. They never will stop straw manning or being lying pieces of crap. They will not be better, because to win they can’t be. They cannot win with what they actually believe. Both sides say that of the other. However, the true left has both policy and the moral argument. But in order to gain support use the moral argument to gain attention and then talk policy. If someone says how will you pay for it? mention that the military money could be cut and taxes can be raised. Don’t run from the implications of the ideas. Engage with it and talk honestly. DO not allow the right wing to spout off lies about outcomes or using fear mongering.

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