Author’s thoughts

Hey fam, this is your author Shade here reflecting on my first major short story I’ve completed on here. The Dias de los Muertos series of short stories is something I’ve been dreaming up for a while but this first story is very spicy. In the world today, the crisis facing young men is quite staggering. However, many do not take a path that I personally would. The success of right wing crazies around the world is partially due to alienation and the inability of young men to make their way in the world. I sympathize as, I too have struggled. I am nearly 30 and I definitely am not where I want to be. I have been a slow learner and at times I am very hard on myself. I guess that part comes off a bit in the main character of the Sabado story. However, I consider this character, a person who made poor decisions but whose heart was generally in the right place. You aren’t meant to sympathize too much with the character but just enough. The love interest, is meant to be the best friend whom the main character lusts after but, who really did value him as a friend. This means that the greatest betrayal is the idea, that all he wanted was a relationship and cheapens the friendship. I want to be clear that the red pill community and its subsequent offshoots are not generally violent and dangerous all the time. But in fact, it does more damage to itself than it possibly has any idea about. Feminism cares about men’s issues and anyone who can take the time to learn can figure it out. Men ARE emotional too, and anyone who doubts this can just take a look at any actual red pill forum. Men generally are encouraged to show certain emotions and not others. The sensitive dude is generally deprecated by many people. But being sensitive and confident are not mutually exclusive. The man who knows his emotions is better able to connect with other people of any gender. If you are struggling just know that you are not alone. I understand feeling awful about needing that support. I myself, struggle with that. But just understand that strength doesn’t always just mean going at it alone. The strength of character to acknowledge your shortcomings and ask for help, is quite amazing. And for anyone who is trapped and feels alone. You are not alone. You are awesome.

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