Screw Civility

The recent New York Times op ed from an anonymous Trump supporter has infuriated the White House and created speculation about who it was. It was little more than a self-congratulatory screed on how they were there to ensure Trump was kept in check. I agree with the Intercept’s Medhi Hassan, Fuck civility. Civility is often the last refuge of scoundrels from the most awful actions and policies they have made. Corporations are experts in dodging responsibility which is why they have public relations training. Civility is only appropriate if everyone is being treated fairly. Civility is only for people who believe they will get a fair hearing. The idea that we can be civil with our opposition at his point, is very very stupid. The Republican Party has gone beyond rude more times than I can count. They have used every dirty tactic, personal attacks, slimey innuendo, conspiracy theories, and whatever they need to do to look tough. They are never civil. It might seem childish to not hold yourself to that standard but the idea that being civil has any effect on whether or not the opposition will hear you out or be convinced is laughable. The Republican Party cannot agree with the Democrats. It doesn’t matter than the Democrats are centrists who half agree with the Republicans. The Republicans win by being despicable. You cannot win by tolerating their insults and being polite. Regardless of what you do they will whine and accuse you of being disrespectful and whatever they need to. It doesn’t matter what they say, their hypocrisy is a feature not a bug. We mustn’t pat these stooges on the back too often and especially when they only do the right thing  rarely and only when it suits them. This anonymous author deserves no accolades for being an adult. Certain things shouldn’t need to said and considering your age and station, we shouldn’t need to question your maturity or judgement. Unfortunately it has devolved so far, that it is hardly a government at all anymore. It is merely mouthpieces for powerful American oligarchs who get whatever they want and even a faux theater show before they get it. The Republicans have every advantage in the world so when they act like children, shut them down. Rip into them and show them you have teeth. Their most ardent supporters aren’t going to be convinced by anything short of pure dogged determination to better the lives of your constituents. The simple act of fighting for them, regardless of outcome might be the spark you need to drift the country back on even keel. The Republicans fight even when they can’t win. We need to do the same so we can win eventually.

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