Fairness must return

The Fairness Doctrine used to be the law in this country. The Fairness Doctrine was a regulation of newscasters that they must, when talking about issues of the public interest, give both political sides equal time. In other words, objectivity was built in as a regulation. Now it is true that corporate media has built in biases and filters that would still be an issue, even with the Fairness Doctrine, but the fact of the matter is that in most cases, both sides of an issue are not discussed for the same length of time. Furthermore, conservative outlets often do not make the effort to give equal time, if they give the opposition time at all. Fox News, for example, would essentially have the liberal they brought on be a centrist with little backbone and would rarely if ever, be as bombastic and entertaining as the conservative across from them. Sometimes, part of the battle is simply having the time regardless if there are viewers. The conservatives have had their views on every outlet under the sun and while it may not convince certain people ever, the fact that they are reaching as many people as possible means that their ideas are never going to die or be challenged. This artificially gives ideas that are based on lies the ability to live on. The Fairness Doctrine was the closest thing to actual objectivity you could have on news. We all have our own personal biases and even our own lenses we view the world in. It isn’t something we should feel ashamed of. Acknowledging your bias doesn’t eliminate whether or not you can be involved in the news or in policy discussions. The Fairness Doctrine also helped prevent actively promoting false information on news segments. We need a new Fairness Doctrine.

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