The National Anthem is dumb

The sheer delusional devotion to the National anthem and to the pledge of allegiance is very frustrating to me. Why the hell does it matter so much to people? Most people don’t believe in everything their country does in their name. They certainly hate paying taxes. So what the hell is all this about? It is about posturing and making themselves feel better. It gets them some sort of posturing as ethical people. But what is so good about blind nationalism or patriotism? What exactly is so purely good about it? Does any country on earth have a purely good record? I think the answers to those questions are fairly obvious. No country or human nation has a perfect record. In fact, we most likely do not even have a country that has even an overall positive record on human rights. The equating of patriotism with being a good person or citizen is equated with blind love and admiration. Never mind actually promoting good things your country can do for the citizens. Only violence and conquest is important. Only supporting the very powerful and killing brown folks overseas is allowed. Anything that helps you is evil and marxist and sooooo mean. Only killing and starving people is humane in the land of the free and the home of brave. It is bullshit and annoys the hell out of me.

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