Extinction and other hyperbolic things

So there is a very real threat of human extinction in the next 100 years. It might even happen faster and nobody seems able to do anything about it. The governments of the world are too concerned with their own lives and power to give a shit about the future. The more I see how dysfunctional the powerful are, the more I value the bluntness and curiosity of children. I know it seems like a non-sequitur but stay with me on this.

Have you ever had a child ask you a bunch of questions and then ask why at the end? It normally annoys us because sometimes the why is asked in regard to something we regard as either common sense or are unable to actually answer. Children also have a very rigid concept of fairness. The things we teach children in early childhood and in school about sharing and being kind to one another are things we seem to forget as adults. Life isn’t fair. But why is life not fair? I am sure you can give me a bunch of answers and reasons and I’ll probably agree with many of them. But does everything that is unfair have to be unfair? What is so immutable about cruelty, violence, capitalism and war that means they are unsurmountable? I say it is bullshit. We can do better and that won’t be easy. In fact, the idea that we can’t do better is what will kill us all. We better get used to being insecure and uncomfortable before it is too late. THings will get worse way before anything gets better and we need to be ready to make sure that things can get better. Furthermore, the rich are useless in this fight. I don’t think it is a conspiracy to surmise that many of them have some sort of plan for planetary disasters. They will not change willingly and will not allow us to save ourselves and the planet. It isn’t about good and evil, it is about them being unable to change. They exist to hurt others and cannot do anything else. We must do better before it is too late.

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