Feminism is good for men too

Currently, the Supreme Court fiasco surrounding Brett Kavanaugh, an extremist GOP person who wants to be on the court, has tremendous implications for the future of the United States. Conservatives have always been very good at constantly be on the attack and have been primarily very successful by taking advantage of liberals who want to be open minded and logical. However, pure rationality and logic is not what drives politics. The Republican’s drive to crush everything the government does that they personally do not like, is emotional. It is folly to think otherwise. Rationality is nothing without morality which is something that is tied to emotion.

Many men on the left are infatuated with the logical and rational way of argument. It seems the best way to create a better life for everyone. I do not doubt, that for many this comes from a good place. However, your emotions are never far off and the things we hate about the technocratic center, are due to them being out of touch. Being out of touch can also seem callous and cruel. This lack of emotional connection and trust is why they can be kind to their own social circle and seem to be warm and caring, but the rest of the country never sees that side. Americans want to trust the people in power. If they don’t feel like they can, there is a problem. Feminism has been under attack from the right and some on the center for quite a while. For many men, it doesn’t seem like a pressing issue i in the first world. But laws and actual social realities are often different. Old habits and social ideologies do not die that fast. The day Jim Crow was repealed, racism and structural discrimination didn’t just simply disappear. Laws cannot erase these things. All societal checks are not there to just eliminate something completely. Even war cannot kill ideology that easily. Feminism is good for men because it not only affirms women’s ability to be who they want to be, but it also removes the strict guidelines for what it means to be a man. Why should men force themselves to be something they don’t want to be? Do men not face their own struggles with sexuality and gender? Of course we do and this is something feminism understands. Female supremacy is not what feminism is. I am a feminist and a white male. I am very privelaged and understand that many people struggle far more than I do. Does this mean I don’t have my own struggles? No I definitely have those and they suck. But I am also someone who cares about other people. This is why I am a feminist. Roe vs Wade and the right of a woman to her own bodily autonomy is under fire. Fuck that. I support feminism and the right to an abortion.

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