Dias de los Muertos: Lunes part 2

Grandfather and Grandmother were extremely old school and insisted in being addressed as Grandfather and Grandmother. The ranch was their pride and joy and had been their special place for as long as Carter could remember. Ken and Carter followed Sayu and sniggered as she fumbled with the keys and even almost tripped again on her kimono. Sayu glared at them and this just made both of the brothers grin like idiots as she looked like a cute chipmunk when she glared at people. Suddenly with a loud crack that startled all three, the door flew open. An elderly woman stood in the doorway with large horn rimmed glasses and a wizened old face. Grandmother quickly ushered them in. She didn’t speak at all and hadn’t ever since Grandfather passed away. Carter hated this place. The whole inner house was like an ancient Buddhist sanctum and smelled strongly of incense that was so sweet it made him nauseous. Of course, he knew it wasn’t actually Buddhist. He had no idea what the statues were of and he was fairly certain he knew the different Eastern religions. He had studied them due to the insistance of his father. His dad was an awesome person and was as different from his parents as it was possible to be. He was outgoing and excitable. Around people he knew, nobody was as kind and conscientious as Carter’s dad. Of course, Carter’s mother had remarried and it was her family that they were visiting. Grandfather had seemed to like his father though. Carter tried not to breathe in too much incense and put his things away in the loft where he and his younger brother would be staying. Ken made a face as he looked up at the ceiling. “What the hell is that supposed to be Carter” the younger boy whispered in awe. Carter grimaced as he looked upwards at the ceiling. The ceiling was covered in swirling script in kanji. It was presented, not in the traditional Japanese right to left, but in swirling out. In the middle though, was a drawing of a young woman with black eyes and garbed in a white gown. She looked similar to Kayako from the Grudge. It looked as if those black eyes were staring into their souls.

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