Calvalcade of Conservative Cockwombles (CCC) Ben Shapiro

Trigger warning for republican and right wing people: this is a scathing takedown of people you hold dear. I do not apologize for speaking the truth about this reprehensible individuals. So buck up snowflakes.

Conservative is a word that is thrown around a lot and is rarely meant in the traditional definition. After all, one could make a great case that many right wing parties in the world are not actually conservative at all. Conservative, if I were to identify it, describes a person who is concerned with protecting old customs traditions, and is resistant to hasty changes. Conservatives resist change but they do not try to prevent it at all costs. Conservatism does NOT have to hate government or be concerned only with economics or flags. If I use my definition, none of the people I talk about would be all that conservative. But definitions are always guidelines and we should treat each person’s ideology as something that is rarely so easily defined. Now that I have already poked holes in my title let me slowly give you an idea about what this segment on my blog is about. First of all, it is a place to vent about maniacs who seem to have every platform in the world to lie and obfuscate and ruin people’s lives. Secondly I get to opine on people who deserve a good kick in the nether regions. I also get to rip off more competent folks like Kevin Logan and other political commentators. Let’s begin with Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is most famous for his insistance that facts don’t care about your feelings. He is public conservative intellectual and is considered the cool kids intellectual. Considering how desperate conservatives are to be popular, it is not surprise that Ben is anything but cool. Ben has mastered the art of disingenuous argument. Like most who value the free speech principle so highly, he is hypocritical and will not protect the speech of others. His ten rules for debating leftists are simply tools to not engage directly and honestly and is simply a tool for talking directly to your rabid fans. Shapiro understands that when it comes to debates, facts don’t matter and that the winner is a matter of one’s own personal biases and personal values. He simply values debate because, like all right wingers, they value the ability to spread their ideas more than the actual quality of them. They understand that as long as they have platforms, these ideas will spread no matter how awful they are. Ben Shapiro is good at talking fast and spouting bullshit. One needs only to read or listen to clips from his fictional books to see a window into this twisted world. I would recommend listening to the Chapo Trap house reading segments from his book True Allegiance. It is almost hilarious how ridiculous Ben is. He fits in every single political jab he can into this fiction book. I remind you it is meant to be fictional with real world corollaries.

To be continued

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