Favorite Horror films: 1408

Horror films rock my socks. I used to be terrified but now I am in love with the genre. I believe horror is so primal and deep that it is the primary way of creating compelling characters and to have deep emotional storylines. This is not solely a horror movie thing, but horror often is not held up as the highest art. I have decided to name a few of my favorite horror films here and hope you enjoy.

1408 (2009)

An adaptation of a Stephen King short story, this movie follows Michael Enslin(John Cusack) who is a skeptical author (shocker I know) who investigates haunted places and writes books on them. He is clearly very cynical and has experienced a drop in his authorial chuzpah. He eventually gets a mysterious postcard that says don’t stay in 1408 and it shows the hotel on the front. Amused, Enslin jumps through a bunch of hoops to stay in the room and is even confronted by the hotel manager Gerald Olin(Samuel L Jackson). Eventually he gets what he wants, which is way more than he bargained for. The movie has great atmosphere and an emotional story revolving Cusack’s character never getting over the loss of his daughter and letting his life go to shit because of it. The room is evil and tortures him with illusions. The weirdness of the King story is toned down for a far more psychological thriller with some supernatural stuff. I adored this movie and although it isn’t everyone’s favorite, or even mine, you should check it out.

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