Mental Health and Politics

It seems that every day and every week there is some new disaster, some new reason to despair at the world and the state of it. Being informed these days is like plugging yourself into an electric chair and attempting to endure the pain of the consistent electric shocks. I have my own issues and my own life to fix and often I am my own worse enemy, but I wanted to talk more about my own feelings and my own thoughts about the world today.

Often, when a male decides to talk about his emotions, it is seen as a source of weakness and immaturity. I do not think it even needs to be explicitly said out loud. The obsession with rationality, individuality and debate, are all ways in order to never accept the idea that sometimes, morality and emotions are required to solve real world problems. Morality is not only a rational thing, though it certainly has some rational basis. Even amongst leftists, there seems to be a lack of willingness to completely engage with moral arguments and accept that emotion is part of being human. I myself, react with scorn and contempt whenever a purely rational discussion is held as superior to one that involves emotions. I have my own biases of course, I resent the idea that I, as a human being, and a white male, am not allowed the emotional resilience beyond anger. Despite being leftist, I am not allowed to show weakness and not pay the consequences.

Empathy is not held in high esteem in our society and general, and this to me, is immoral. Why is war seen as more important that preventing people from living in poverty? Why is a system like capitalism, which is clearly immoral, seen as superior to socialism? The idea that capitalism works better than socialism, isn’t a good argument either, as the failures of communism and other leftist governments effectively was a result of both consistent hostile intervention by the most powerful nation on Earth, and the fact that nobody who had power, was willing to let equality every happen. Individuality also is used a cudgel to prevent anyone from understanding other people and how societal structures can actually effect your life. It creates a system that claims that you are whatever you make of yourself and that you can do anything you want to as long as you work hard, but prevents that from happening at every point.

The United States of America is an immoral country and one that I am citizen of. I reject the ideas that are supposedly American. I understand that I have my own strengths and weaknesses and I also am trying to work on making my life as fufilling as I can. But I reject that values the country actually represents. I despise white supremacy and reject that value of a human being coming from their wallet. Corporations are not people and are immoral institutions that deserve more scrutiny. Any wars that are used to open markets are immoral and therefore all current wars are immoral. Experience is good but effective and wise decision making are more important. Your experience doesn’t mean shit if your experience is making every wrong decision possible. Neither major American Party is serving the people. Billionaires are not people, they are scum and deserve to pay more taxes. I reject the idea that we must work with the other side as leftists. We mustn’t tolerate intolerance and debate is only useful when both debaters actually care about norms and believe in certain shared ideas. The Republican Party are fascist and I cannot ever support them or their supporters. I am also not sure there is anything we can do to save ourselves from human extinction. The corporations and the powerful are not going to do anything that will cut profits. They would rather make profits and ensure the extinction of humanity. We must speak about morality and right and wrong. I am not the ideal version of me, but I hope to change and become the best version of me. My issues and my mental health are wounded by the cruelty of today, but I want to make a better world. I believe in empathy and the ability to work with other people. Your individual strengths are wonderful and maybe they can compliment anothers. You don’t need to choose between individuality and collectivism.

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