Shade Rants: I hate capitalism

I can never understand how anyone can find the ideas behind capitalism to be appealing. Put aside, whether the system works or not. I would argue that it does work, but it works in a way that is inherently destructive, cruel and for lack of a better word, evil. Yes I will be using hyperbole, exaggeration and inflammatory language in this post.  Because this is a rant I will leave it up to the reader to figure out how much of this is true or not.

Even when I didn’t know anything about politics or socioeconomic systems I didn’t really have a positive view of capitalism. I have always had an inherent fear of ending up on the streets. I am very lucky and have not ended up there, but it still scares me. I don’t understand why people wouldn’t rather figure out a way to have a system where, they are able to work a job they love and have a more fufilling life. Capitalism, is only around due to propaganda, violence and the lack of historical knowledge. The rich have always had the ability to create systems of information that prevent anything better to ever have a chance. The capitalist powers used everything they had to crush the rising USSR and nearly fucked it up. The USSR sent the first person to space. The USSR was a cruel authoritarian state, but was forced to be so, due the continued sabotage from the West. After all, when they don’t do this, they get a foreign funded coup like the Pinochet dictatorship that was made possible due to the efforts of the United States and the other foreign powers who did everything they could to destroy them. Capitalism wouldn’t be around without the efforts of the most evil men and women on planet Earth. Capitalism would rather cause mass extinction than lose profits. IT doesn’t have to be an immoral system to do damage. The system encourages cruelty, fear, ignorance, and alienation. I can never be truly fufilled in this system. Luckily my generation and the younger generation understand the stupidity that is capitalism. If you like Capitalism, I must ask you, what are your values? What do you consider moral? Why should people have to work in sweatshops so you cna work a 40 hour work week in a job you hate? Is this truly just and free? What is freedom if there are literally choices that are offlimits to you? Seriously, I am free to burn off my arm, but why would I want to? I am free to attempt to rob a bank but I don’t really want to or even have the urge to gather the things I need to do so. Freedom is relative, and if you don’t have the time to pursue anything to make your life better, what use is it? The United States is built on a cruel hoax that is the American Dream. It is time to wake the fuck up.

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