Shade Rants: Shut up about Freeze Peaches and da ESS Jay Dubyas

Trigger warnings: I am about to tell all right wing imbeciles to shut up about something they whine about a great deal. I am also going to be very rude and uncivil as I feel that there is no way to talk to these people without giving them the exact same amount of respect they show the left. Also if this trigger warning offends you…. this is the article for you snowflake.


I came into the online Atheist community late and when I did I saw long playlists attacking the supposed scourge of the college campus, the Social Justice warrior. This was a slur that used to refer to anyone who was concerned with the plight of minority communities and the plight of the LGBT community. Of course, they were all lumped into a a single group and made to be a monolith that simply came down to hating white men, never using reason or logic, and being anti-free speech. I always was turned off and rarely watched the content  about this stuff and preferred to stick to the atheist videos or the older videos attacking the crazy right. Call me a snowflake if you want but it isn’t like I have’nt heard and seen these arguments before. However, I never understood what the hell the problem was. I never saw people shutting down free speech on college campuses. Even as an older student who graduated in 2015, I felt it was a gross overgeneralization. Were there opinionated professors? Yes of course there were but academia brings with it a certain inherent haughtiness. This can rub people the wrong way and can seem arrogant. However, the whole freedom of speech argument was always so disingenuous. IT came down to wanting to receive no consequence for spreading hateful ideas and ideas that were actually wrong. Many things are also objectively wrong and not offensive. The right wing wants to be able to spread their ideas wherever they want with no social ramifications. What they call intolerance is simply people reacting to their ideas. Funny how they never stick up for the free speech of those who are pro choice or want to educate kids about science. It comes down to the fact that they expect to be treated with kid gloves and not be responsible for the awful things that they say or do. Are there some people who use the social justice issues we care about on the left cynically? Of course, many of those who pretend to be on the left, especially in the Democratic establishment will use racial issues as a shield from economic issues that effect all people across all backgrounds. There is this strange need to pit these two types of issues against one another, despite the fact that social issues (social justice issues) and economic issues are so interlocked it is often impossible to separate them. The whole purpose of affirmative action is to help try to even the odds. Even then, the economic plight of the minority communities will not be easily addressed. Being behind on purpose, for generations, means that, in terms of family wealth and upward mobility, the African American communities need the economic aide just as much as everyone else if not moreso. The need to address economic insecurity for all people is a good way to not only bring people together, but it is a way of seeing everyone as actual people. However, we need not pretend that we cannot address racial disparities in other areas at the same time.

In other words, if you preach ideas that are harmful and not backed up by any real data, go fuck yourself. I don’t need to hear your ideas because I know what they lead to and I know better. I am not sorry to judge you for being racists and hateful pieces of garbage. Logic and reason are not just words used to defend bigotry. Being empathetic and being on the left is very logical. Emotions are logical. Humans are a social animal.

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