Shade Rants: Jordan B Peterson: World’s worst psychologist

I really despise people who use the field of psychology for ulterior motives. Jordan B. Peterson is a great example of someone who does this. Now many people who are experts in fields, attempt to comment on politics in relation to a different field. This rarely changes the fact that their actual expertise in the field they have in career in is genuine. However, with Jordan B. Peterson, I feel especially strongly that he is a charlatan. I truly believe he has experience in the field and is able to help his clients. However, he is cynical and is a right winger who is attempting to take advantage of certain groups of people in order to make money and gain fame. I am very fuzzy on Jungian psychoanalysis on a good day, and find Freud a bit over the top. But as a student of psychology and as a person who wants to continue in this field, I feel personally insulted by Peterson. I have struggled my whole life with social situations and have had more therapy than many people. I appreciate the struggles that come with having different neurological wiring. I also know the pain of feeling isolated, alone and uncared for. It sucks, to feel alone and that you matter not at all. So when I see a person who is supposed to help people, using his platform and expertise to degrade marginalized communities and attack people who want to make the world a better place, I see a bully simple as that. Often a victim can become a bully and there is no doubt in my mind that Jordan B. Peterson has been bullied. He is too earnest and passive aggressive for me to think otherwise. I sympathize with men who feel isolated and alone. I sympathize with men who feel lost today. I know we all should be making more of an effort to not just help the marginalized, but also help young men like myself. However, Jordan Peterson should know better. Despite his expertise, he lies about everything that he politically rejects. Social science is still science, and while it is not as hard as say geology or biology, it still requires rigor and professionalism. I, would be considered a beta by his followers. However, men can have multiple roles and the support role is just as important as any leadership position. How can a leader lead without support? Jordan Peterson uses language to distort the truth and cries foul when he is called out. He is a piece of garbage masquerading as a passive aggressive Kermit the frog. He needs to get a grip and stick to helping his clients and not try to halt any potential progress for all human beings.

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