The Wonderful world of Ham: JoJo’s Bizarre adventure

The power system in JoJo’s Bizarre adventure is literally called hamon. I thought I heard the spanish word for ham jamon, and well it is the same pronounciation, it isn’t the same word. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is so earnest with its weirdness and funky fresh vibe, I cannot help but love it. The adventures of the Joestar family are entertaining, awesome and even heartwarming. I cannot help being entertained by the zaniness of the characters and the epic battles that ensue. However, the power system is the one I most enjoy. Similarly to other harder power systems like Nen in Hunter x Hunter, Hamon is simple to explain but complicated in its application. Hamon is life energy that is enpowered by proper breathing. Hamon requires blood flow as it carries this energy through the body. This means that freezing temperatures and constricting the blood flow in other ways can prevent the use of this power. However, Hamon can be used to empower your strength, endurance, stamina, and even defy certain physics. It can also be channeled in special abilities that each fighter can decide for themselves. Hamon can be channeled into objects and even into other organisms. The eldest Joestar, Jonathan, was able to make flowers bloom with the purity of his Hamon. I look forward to continuing the adventures with each of his descendants.

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