2020 Primaries will hurt my soul

Ugh, so there is already the horrid beginnings of the next electoral cycle in the wind and while the extremists control government, the corporate puppets are already trying to make sure the only options are terrible. In my opinion, there is no choice but Bernie Sanders. He would have won in 2016 and he has massive name recognition. He has years and years of experience and has been very consistently pro-worker. He is the only person in government who has shown through his actions, that he is for us, the people. He eliminates all of the strengths Trump might have had and would destroy him. Sure the GOP is excellent at voter suppression but we must be clear, we cannot allow the Democrats to sabotage their own base’s own policy needs. Odds are it will be tough. Even if Bernie got in he would have an entire hostile Congress and corporate state to deal with. But we need power to even have a fighting chance. The pressure from the left must consistently be pushed if we are to have any chance. Every good thing this country has ever done has been due to pressure from ordinary working people who forced the powerful into doing the right thing. I have very little hope for this country. I am feeling very pessismistic and am concerned that this country will embrace neo Nazis before they ever elect another New Deal Social Democrat. Social Democracy doesn’t go far enough but it is a step in the right direction. It will be a fight but I hope that we can make progress. Bernie 2020 Feel the Bern

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