Viva Venezuela: Against coup

It makes me so angry to see the war criminal Elliot Abrams working to overthrow Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. This man has a history of war crimes in Latin America and the gall of any media organization or any politician to claim to be for democracy and human rights and to want to oust Maduro is disgusting. It doesn’t surprise me at all but it still gets me so angry. It is also why the Russia hysteria annoys me so much. Do the politicians and elites believe they are immune from nuclear fallout of bombing? It feels like they are too cold blooded to even consider having empathy for anyone. It is a moral failure as well as a policy failure. The values of the American empire are not values worth upholding. We don’t value democracy and human right because we never practice it unless there is some violence to force powerful people to finally whine and give in. Regardless of the problems in Venezuela, we will make the problem worse if we intervene.

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