The Mueller report finale

I told you so…

There was no conspiratorial collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. It was a witch hunt that caused some convictions and some problems for Trump’s businesses. Trump is a criminal and I welcome these prosecutions. I believe every billionaire needs to be given this scrutiny and not be allowed to steal from the taxpayers of this country. That is what being a good businessman or women means. IT means having socialism for the rich and free market extreme for everyone else. Socialism isn’t when the government does stuff, but it is pretty disgusting how the government protects the wealthy from the market forces the conservatives love, and everyone else is out of luck. Basically, I do think Trump, being a businessman, has criminal behavior and is a piece of shit who deserves to be behind bars. But the Russiagate scandal seemed too much like an excuse to not talk about why Trump won, why Clinton lost, and an excuse to prevent any positive leftist changes. It was always not going to help the actual Democratic base. I feel vindicated but I also feel sad because it seems like the new hysteria was inculcated regardless of the lack of facts. They two years was enough to distance people from the disgusting behavior of the elites of both parties. It is true that many left leaning democrats were elected and there is hope because of the conversation change. But if you think that the right and the center won’t align against the left, you are kidding yourself. I hope things don’t get any worse for the sake of all the marginalized folks in this country and around the world.

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