The right and the left and the folly of centrism

We have never been so divided as we are now. I know we all hear that ad nauseam at this point. The hysterics over arguments and sometimes, downright dislike of each other’s ideas and beliefs, tends to happen quite a bit. For most of my teenage to adult life, the Republican party has been the epitome of lying, racist, disgusting ideas and people. It was the party of bullies and psychopaths. Now, let me be clear, some Republican voters are not this and I would argue that it has only gotten worse because of the right wing’s ability to create platforms to disseminate their hateful ideas and lies. However, I was heartbroken to discover that the party I was a member of, was only pretending to fight the Republicans. Basically, they agreed on some disgusting things and disagreed on areas in which, you would have to be really really dumb and hateful to agree with the right on. The Democratic Party believes in the power of the state but they also are a party of centrists who believe more in process and decorum than actually improving their constituents lives. The urge for bipartisanship is something that is only useful if you want to get something done. But one thing you’ll find is that the only time the powerful are bipartisan, is when they are doing something that only benefits the powerful. They are super responsive to the rich and powerful and the rest need to be patient and accept crumbs and not be mean to the people who are holding them down. Centrism is really dumb because you could only be a centrist if you are happy with where you are and are more concerned with preventing your loss of it then actually helping anyone else.

The most important thing I want to point out is that the values and world the left and right both care about, are not the same values and world. In fact, they cannot both coexist. The America both ideologies want to build are at the expense of the other. The right has used class struggle and the zero-sum game to their advantage for a long long time. The left has been held back from discussing their version of it because they can never overcome the opposition to even put their ideas on the table. The center is a very conservative place and they will always side with the right over the left. Most importantly though, we must acknowledge that we cannot build a better world with the people who don’t want what we want. We cannot pretend to all be one big happy family in America. The people who encourage that, don’t want you to have a good life. They want to remain at the top and they want you to shut up and accept it. They recognize that in sheer numbers, they cannot compare to the number of victims. The left cannot shy away from using the power of numbers and the power of mob rule also known as : Democracy.

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